Increased Diablo 3 item drop rates list

Blizzard knows that they have made a few mistakes with Diablo 3, not only in terms with the server issues, but also with the game itself. We’ve heard it time and again that the third outing for this franchise is not the best, but the developer is trying to make changes in order to give the user a much better experience. The most recent of these is to make the end-game of the Inferno mode mush easier, so have increased the drop rates from a selection of high-level items.

We’ve heard from so many fans that they are having a few issues with progressing past Act I in Inferno, it was hoped that the recent 1.0.3 patch would have made things much easier, but this wasn’t the case. It’s clear to see that Blizzard knew that fans of Diablo 3 were still not happy with the improvements they have been making, but have these latest changes gone far enough?

Thanks to this update that was reported here you will now be able to find these items much easier than before; proof of these drop rates can be seen below. Adjustments have also been on item drops for bosses, so now you will be able to get one guaranteed Rare drop with four Nephalem Valor stacks and you’ll get two Rares with five stacks.

We’d love to know what you think about these changes and if you think Blizzard has gone far enough to make the Inferno mode more accessible, or do you think they have made things worse and they should make the mode even tougher?