Insecurities of iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3 decision

Those considering purchasing a new smartphone will be filled with much insecurity because while there is a huge choice of handsets on the market, there are only two that will matter to millions of consumers and business users, and they are the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3. There are many aspects of these handsets that will help to persuade them about making the right decision, and it all comes down to what you want from a phone.

Samsung will win the first round because their S3 handset will beat the iPhone 5 to the market and like the S2 before it will start to eat into current iPhone sales. However, because the Galaxy S3 will be released a few months before the iPhone 5 you can be certain that the latter will have a number of advances in terms of technology when compared to the former. Although we have seen in the past that Apple have been a little conservative in terms of their hardware, but then again they always seem to get so much more because of the tight integration with their OS when compared to certain Android handsets.

Apple will have to do something very special if they are to put up a decent fight against Samsung’s latest Galaxy handset, because while a new iPhone beats all other handsets hands down in terms of sales, the advantage they once had on the market is growing smaller all the time. There are many reasons for this, but there’s still no denying that there’s always much more excitement when a new iPhone is launched – when was the last time that you saw huge queues of costumers waiting to get their hands on the latest Android handset?

The Galaxy S3 promises to be a much better smartphone in terms of gaming, not only because of the new hardware but also because Android devs are also upping the antee. However, they still have a huge mountain to climb in order to catch up to iOS and Apple are making yet more improvements to their App Store to make finding gaming apps much easier.

However, the biggest step is in terms of the screen size because there’s no denying that the current screen size of the iPhone is a little on the small side to take real advantage of gaming, and while some analysts would have you believe that devs would have a hard time updating their apps to supports a larger iPhone screen, this is not the case and would be a simple task for them to do – one that they would be pleased to do as it would help to improve the gaming experience.

How will the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 compare in terms of the gaming experience?