Proposing Skyrim Dawnguard mods

The first DLC for Skyrim named Dawngaurd was released just under a week ago and as you would imagine has reignited fans interest with the game, as some of them had grown tired of the repetitive quests. However, the downside is that only Xbox 360 users can enjoy the new expansion pack, but those with a PC and PS3 should be able to enjoy it a little later this month. What we find fascinating is how modders are not hanging about and have already started proposing new Skyrim dawnguard mods.

The very first one is just a hat, but it’s what that hat symbolizes as it’s the hat that Abraham Lincoln used to wear. Now those of you who are not up on all the latest movies will find it interesting to learn that the reason why Abe fits in with Dawnguard is because of the latest Hollywood movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

It’s really cool to know that you will be able to play as the great man in the world of Skyrim, although there’s always a but and this time is no different becasue this mod is just a hat for now. Yep all this mod gives the character is a hat, but we’re sure that more will follow ahead of the release of Skyrim Dawnguard DLC, such as a suit that Lincoln would have worn back in the day.

However, we can tell you that there’s already an Abraham Lincolns Axe mod, which will be perfect for hunting those vampires in Dawnguard, you’ll have the added benefit to know that the axe is enchanted.

We’re sure that these are just the start and more vampire themed mods will appear a little later in the month, we’ve heard from fans that they would love to see Blade mods along with Buffy as well. If you could choose a new mod for Dawnguard what would it be?

  • Kim Jolicoeur

    A True
    Blood mod could be easy to build.

    Turn a
    human who becomes a follower and levels up with the PC, the actual True Blood
    drink that could have half the effects of “going to ground”. The game already
    has werewolves and witches, so a Fae race could be added.

    Along with
    a convoluted plot line that doesn’t make any sense and voilà! True Blood!


    I would
    also replace all the Draugr with vamps.


    And add Vampire
    Night Dragons: they only come out at night and instead of breathing fire or
    frost, they steal life while replenishing their own, go into sneak mode when on
    the ground and have a slight cloaking blur effect when flying.