Release of MW3 Terminal maintains 30-day difference

Only last week we had informed you that the controversial map Terminal from MW2 would be coming to Modern Warfare 3, we can now tell you that this is going to happen 100 percent and after much legal investigation will still have to maintain its 30-day difference on the Xbox 360. Even though this news is not a surprise it’s nice to see that this map will be free.

Paying for older maps has always been a touchy subject, so nice to see that some people are listening to the fans concerns. We have yet to learn the release date for the return of this map, although there will be a few minor changes. However, it’s been tweeted that a release date could be announced as soon as next week.

It does feel as though we have known that Terminal was coming for some time now, but it’s not been as long as you might think. However, we have noticed that more and more COD fans have been asking for the return of older maps, but the only concern we have is that some of them are sub par, such as Favela – although some of you might not agree with this.

Do you find it strange that Microsoft has paid for another year for their exclusive deal with Call of Duty titles, which means that they will have the right to new Black Ops 2 DLC a month before PS3 and PC? Is this still the right thing to do or should Microsoft be putting more of their money into the development of the next Xbox, as we don’t want a repeat of what happened when the Xbox 360 was first launched?