Unjustified Halo 4 claims, other anticipated titles

It’s hard to deny just how popular Halo 4 will be, but when we hear claims that it’s the most anticipated game of all time – well we just think it’s unjustified. Okay, there’s no denying that there’s a huge amount of excitement surrounding the game, but there are a handful of other games that are also very much anticipated.

343 Industries has been working hard to make certain that this is the best Halo game yet, but we have to question if making it the first of the trilogy on a console that’s nearing the end of its life cycle is a right move? Surely it would have been better to start a new trilogy off on the next-gen console – although the developers and Microsoft must have their reasons?

Going back to those claims of the most anticipated game of all time, we will give you a handful of other titles and tell us if you would agree that these are also in contention? Firstly there’s God of War: Ascension, Half Life 3, Killzone 4 but the title that has grabbed most of our attention is GTA V.

There are one or two titles that stand out over the rest there but there’s no denying that Grand Theft Auto V is at the top of most peoples list. While Halo 4 is still a game that Xbox 360 users cannot wait to get their hands on, we’re not sure that it will be searched for as much as Rockstar’s upcoming title, which could make a surprise appearance during GamesCom in August.

  • http://twitter.com/HiredN00bs Richard Welsh

    “The most anticipated game of all time” is a claim that is as pointless to argue against as it is to make.

  • Danielh79

    erm….who said it was the most anticipated game of all time?. I see no one saying that nor do you mention anyone. Doesn’t that make this article completely pointless?

  • Lucky

    After many fans and new comers beat halo 3 (some on legendary) many wanted to know… What comes next? Where would the hero go, and when would he get there? To say that it was ”The End” was a slap to the face of the players. That happend almost 5 years ago and many players have been longing for these answers, some have written stories others content themselves with the release of other Halo or similar titles. Many have prayed for a return to the Master Chief and Cortana, though until now it has been in vain. To argue that a game 5 years in the waiting isn’t worth the title of most anticipated is another slap in the face. It does not matter how many players are waiting if they have been waiting for years. The same can go for games nobody thought would be made. To finish this know two things, 1 that Halo 4 IS at the top of my list, followed by Assassins creed 3, and 2 that I couldn’t care less about Grand theft auto 5. Thats not to say it’s a bad game. It’s just that you need to know your market.

  • DarthStrawberry

    Even as someone not excited for Halo 4, you guys sound desperate. In the guise of moderation it appears you needed to name off the other titles of several games that are not really gaining that much traction. Here is why, Killzone is garbage, GTA 5 has been outclassed by Watchdogs already and God Of War is not highly anticipated by the masses. The only blockbuster games (popular to the point of ridiculousness) games that are even coming out this year are: Halo 4, AC 3 and Black Ops 2. Now seeing as everyone knows that Black ops 2 will just be another $60 CoD dlc with incremental upgrading and more zombies is unenthusiastic about the game. So that just leaves AC 3 and Halo 4, although, this could just be my opinion. However, if this is just my opinion why are there next to articles or comments on any of the other games that we’re mentioned online. Because those games are not blockbusters and are simply out marketed and outclassed by the competition.

  • DarthStrawberry

    Halo 4 should really be called the most anticipated game since the last Halo, which like Reach Halo 4 will more than likely fail to deliver. Unless if course you enjoy the spawning camping, terrible community maps, lag and server failures of Reach (which were made even worse by 343). And the “new” CoD features of Halo 4: Spartan ops (Spec ops), random weapons drops, noob “promethean” vision, insta-spawning, recycled weapons, and weapons skins. The only 2 improvements I’ve seen in this game are the graphics and the removal of the cheaters ability armor lock. Watch as I am labelled a CoD fan for dissing the garbage no skill system of Reach, or desperate fans labelling me as a desperate fan to stuck in his ways to accept change. Change I can handle, Halo needs some changes, but this just sounds like garbage.

  • Lpetrinhalo

    Random weapon spawning? Insta spawning? Where have you gotten your info from? Honestly, the more you diss Halo, the less of a fan you sound. Even though they may have adopted ideas from other games, you can’t say these are Call of Duty features only, many other games have used these ideas too! I may only play COD evey once in a while, but I enjoy every part of Halo 4 they have released. You are right that Halo needs changes, but so far, Halo 4 is everything I hoped for. 

  • Iknowright

    Dear Darth,

    Stop smelling your own farts…. That is all

  • ColoursBleed

    Personally I don’t think a new GTA will be top of that many lists… I find those games are more of the same thing every time. I don’t know, I think there are so many genres and big titles nowadays it’s hard to call which is the most anticipated.