Brief Total War: Rome 2 demo shown

With more than a year to go until the release of Total War: Rome 2 knowing that the developers have been showing off a brief demo just to see what the new engine can do is very exciting. One things for certain, you will have to make sure that you have a decent graphics card in your PC later next year – so get saving now.

The footage that was shown to a select few all seems very epic from the start and gave the likes of CVG a good idea of what to expect. Things begin at sea and then slide seamlessly onto land for yet more combat, as you get ready to siege an ancient city. What you will find surprising is even with all the mass invasions – and there are a lot of them – The Creative Assembly hopes that Rome 2 will have the same minimum specs as Shogun 2, but we find this hard to believe. It’s easy to say this now, but we have seen time and again how certain aspects of a game can get out of control when in development stages.

While the battle looks great at eye level it’s said that things are even more epic from above, and it’s when you start to pan around that you get a true sense of just how large this game will truly be.

From the early demo footage we’re being told that the tiny details will shock you because if a solider is wounded or killed then the solider next to him will react in a very human way, and that’s to react in shock or even try to drag him to safety. It seems surreal to be able to go from an aerial view of such an epic battle that involves thousands of characters to just zooming down and look at an individual and his buddy next to him.

We can’t wait to get to see a demo for ourselves because it’s clear to see that Total War: Rome 2 is shaping up to be something amazing, and that’s going on what has been seen this early into the development.

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    so it begins gain good very good

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