Forza Horizon night racing and rewards visualized

Okay, so we know that E3 has been and gone and now we look to GamesCom as its hoped that GTA V will make an appearance. However, there are still a few nuggets that got missed during the biggest gaming event of the year, such as Forza Horizon getting night racing along with awesome rewards for drifting and getting some air.

In the video that we have for you below we get to see Playground Games design director, Ralph Fulton, as he aims to share with us more details on this game due out on October 26, 2012 on Xbox 360. We already know that the game is centered on the Horizon festival, which is set in Colorado – an ideal setting for racing because of the huge amount of unpopulated roads. Having said that, we’re not saying that the roads are empty.

There’s action from the start as you need to hurry to make it to the festival on time. What we love about the footage is seeing the cars from Forza Motorsport taken off the track and on to the roads where they belong. This is a new spin off to the franchise and from what we have seen so far the open-world racing will be a welcome edition.

What we do find fascinating is how the designer said that his team got inspiration from games like Assassin’s Creed and Red Dead Redemption, let’s just hope this is a good thing. We love how you will be rewarded for driving as stylish as you can, so to become popular at the festival you don’t need to always come first, just show off your driving skills.

We can’t help but love seeing footage of night racing and knowing that there will be weather cycles will also add to the tension, but only if they have an effect on how your car (see list) handles – which we hope it does?