Halo 4 8GB install size adds to cost

Before you pick up your copy of Halo 4 later this year you need to be aware of its install size and make preparations if you only have the 4GB model or one with no hard drive, which some gamers believe was a mistake to get in the first place. You will need a minimum storage space of 8GB in order for the multiplayer mode of the game to work correctly.

Don’t worry too much if you only have the 4GB Xbox 360 Arcade and Core consoles because you have two choices, either you get a hard drive with a decent amount of storage space or just pick up a 360 flash drive instead. There are two versions of these, but we would recommend going for the larger 18GB version. The issue that we have is for those who have got by until now will now have to put their hands in their pockets if they wish to enjoy Halo 4 multiplayer.

While this is a decent option the source of the article said that there’s no reason not to have an Xbox 360 without a hard drive these days, as more and more games are required to be installed in order to get the best experience. Do you think you were ill advised when you purchased your Arcade or Core Xbox 360?

Having said that there are still a huge number of games that don’t require this kind of install space, but those that do are usually the best titles – Halo 4 a fine example. This is still an issue because most of the good games require a decent amount of storage space, so it seems as though Microsoft managed to convince certain gamers that not having a storage device or one with limited capacity was the way to go, when clearly it was not.

Do you feel that this is a non-issue, or do you think Microsoft duped you as part of a clever piece of marketing?