Need for GTA 5 military presence and satire

Okay, we know what you’re thinking, not another Grand Theft Auto V post, but we thought you might be interested to learn that three hardcore fans have weighed in and come up with a few suggestions of their own. We know that only Rockstar know what we can expect from GTA V, but there’s nothing stopping three so-called experts giving their opinions.

Chris Phillips of, Andy McIlwain from and also who is believed to be a former Rockstar employee were all asked the same question by X360 Magazine, “What are you expecting out of GTA V” and we were pretty impressed with some of the answers.

Firstly Phillips had said that it would be great if there was a military presence, but can we really see Rockstar wanting to bring in tanks and fighter jets and helicopters for GTA 5 when there is so much more to explore with the game? McIlwain has a different take on it, as he would much rather more satire, it’s all very well trying to add realism into a game, but it’s much more fun to spoof real life instead, but would you agree?

That rumored employee had said that Multiplayer will support up to 32 players and will see you trying to gain a name for yourself in Los Santos. While some of you may not agree we do expect drug use to play a huge part in the game.

It’s hard to put a finger on what will excite the hardcore fans the most as there are so many to list, but the larger map, flying planes and taking control of more than one character all have their appeal, as does being able to enter houses.

Are you more in support of Chris Phillips take on GTA 5 or Andy McIlwain, or do you have any better ideas?

  • Brendino

    andy. it makes some sense and seems really cool but both r amazing

  • Ksdfasjdf

    All i can say is I can’t wait!!!

  • Lmao

    lmao 3 fans? sounds like bullshit to me.. do they own gta and gta 2??? 

    well heres a “true” fan right here.

    what happened to kill frenzys?? and why did they stop in vice city?

    whys 8 ball gone? if anybody keeps up with the story lines, and your a true fan then why didnt u notice 8 ball gone too.. and the ability to put a bomb under a car was true gta cam.

    and number 3 of the top most important features in gta missing is

     thats right from police to taxi and even the pizza boy wtf happened to all the extra stuff after u beat the game. even the capabilities of buying properties such as residential to businesses are gone! 

    gta 4 is a shell of the true gta series  and rockstar needs to wake up and out of their shell

    • mr.x

      8 ball available on gta sa
      you can put bomb under the car
      the bomb shop is near the unity station, near the 24-7 shops

  • gta fan

    id like to be able to buy property and be able to renovate it so it shows u’ve done something to make a profit out of it dont give us the option to just own something that we cant do anything with other than just look at it and it be a place to save the game.

    • Larry

      its not grand designs mofo

      • Garry

        no its relocation relocation relocation 

  • Sharpz

    We find ourselves asking for military presence, building entry, plane use, customization, etc. I remember everyone asking for all of these 10 years ago, which direction we goin in here? These things should be in the game as standard we shouldnt be begging for such additions, sort it out n boldly step into a new direction rockstar

  • flunk turdy shitbutt

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    • Shteeve

      just another homophobic pratt

      • HiThere

        just another manic monday

  • edwstewart1992

    In my opinion, the amateurish GTAV articles from this website are now getting pointless and repetitive. As interesting as they were at first, they now only seem like an attempt to benefit from the large numbers of GTAV Google searches.

    I understand Rockstar have kept quiet on releasing information (which must put some strain on some gaming journalists to produce articles) but shouldn’t this Peter Chubb writer be concentrating on quality and not quantity?

  • Aaron Dix

    Of course GTA needs satire its what makes the game the talkback radio the parodies of other games and things (Los santos true grime street cleaners parody billboard of true crime streets of la for example in SA)

  • Dawg

    GTA 5 will be released in 2015

  • Morgan77740

    No, no we need the military in GTA 5 people still talk about the military in gta san andreas like it was one of there favoret things

  • Mozza

    I would have preferred more FIB than NOOSE in GTA IV.

    It would be awesome if the GTA V wanted system had:

    1-2 stars = cops in cop cars/cop motorbikes

    3-4 stars = cops in Patriots/Huntley Sports = Road blocks

    5 stars = FIB cars/Police Interceptors = Road blocks/Spike strips

    6 = Military

    If you’re on foot it would be cool to be chased by cops on bikes, cops with dogs etc depending on your wanted level.

    • Mozza

       I meant the police stinger for 5 stars but you know what I mean.

  • No

    Bring back a slow motion cheat code.

  • ALBA

    EARTHQUAKES would be nice