Reviewing Skyrim Dawnguard one week on

While we pointed out that a select few gamers were dissatisfied with Skyrim Dawnguard, it’s clear to see that one week on most fans of the franchise are pretty happy with the first DLC. Yes you may argue that $20 is a lot of money but when you consider that it lasts longer than some games main campaigns – well it’s not that bad of a deal after all.

What has impressed many reviewers the most with the expansion is how you are able to play both sides, so you can choose to be a Vampire Lord first and once you have completed the quest you can then turn sides and become a Vampire Hunter for the Dawnguard. There had been suggestions that the DLC only lasted some players 3 hours, but we would have to question what difficulty they had it on?

One review here makes a point of how awesome the background views are and how the DLC will mean different things to gamers. If you have a low level character then you will make use of some remarkable weapons to help you along your campaign. If you have a high level character then from the start you will feel as though dawnguard is a bit of a letdown, but as you get nearer the end of your quest you will find yourself entering some tricky situations that will test your high level character.

We’ve seen from our recent post that we all have different views of the first Skyrim DLC, such as VGRevolution, as they believe that if you got bored with Skyrim and started to play a different game, then you should hold off until there’s a price drop. However, if you are a huge fan then $20 is a small price to pay for what you get back. Which camp are you in?

If you have been playing Dawnguard for the past week then you would have noticed that Bethesda has not been able to resolve their ongoing issues with bugs in Skyrim. There have been reports from fans that Dawnguard had crashed for them, but are these just isolated incidents? If this a real issue then will there be a patch for Dawnguard before the PS3 and PC versions are released, and if not will these problems be highlighted even more on the PlayStation 3 as they are/was with the main game?

It’s clear to see that there’s a divided opinion for the first DLC for Skyrim, but a majority of the reviews do seem pretty positive and these bodes well for the second DLC – whenever that is.

  • Logan Kemp

    I played Dawnguard and beat it in 2 days-ish on both sides. [SPOILERS!]
    The best side to play on is probably the Dawnguard. You can become one of them and do all crossbow-gathering quests, also getting Serana as a follower. Then, you can become a Vampire Lord to get to Soul Cairn. As a vampire lord, the Dawnguard won’t kill you. They won’t interact with you, either, though. Since you can make your own bolts and firewood is free and steel is cheap, it’s a small price to pay. The other vampires will, however, not care that you’re one of them so you can’t just switch sides like that.
    Playing as a Vampire Lord, you want to be in Vampire Lord mode all the time. You can’t fit through a lot of openings, though, and people really don’t like you when you’re a Vampire Lord. You can get some crossbow bolts, but not enough to justify a range/sneak character being a Vampire Lord like you would expect.

    P.S. Dawnguard is totally worth it! Most of it will be going through Blackreach if you haven’t done the main quest yet, and going though [Not gonna ruin it] a new area.