Xbox 8 evidence mounts, 720 still preferred

It’s no secret that Microsoft has already started development of their next-gen console, and while we have a few ideas as to the direction the company is going in with their new games console there’s one issue that still remains, what they will call it? The smart money has always been on the Xbox 720, but it seems the evidence for Xbox 8 has started to mount.

Recently Microsoft has been doing an Apple and going after domains that are related to one of their products, this time it’s the Xbox. All of these are of interest because of what they represent, but we find it fascinating why they would wish to pursue and Okay so we know there might not be anything to it, but it isn’t the first time that the name Xbox 8 has been suggested.

This article also explains that Microsoft is going for many more domain names, it does seem as though the Xbox maker, Apple and Facebook are all pursing a great number of similar domains, so you had best watch out.

There had been suggestions in the past about why Xbox 8 would be such a good name because it would mean a tight integration with Windows 8, but what happens later down the line when they wish to update the next-gen Xbox OS to Windows 9 or whatever Microsoft decide to call it?

There is another interesting idea; let’s say Microsoft went with another of the rumored names the Xbox infinity, turn 8 on its side and it looks pretty similar to the infinity symbol.

What do you think to Microsoft’s next-gen console being named Xbox 8?

  • noober suckston

    If it’s going to be an Xbox-Windows hybrid, then it better be supporting flash and free online multiplayer, BECAUSE A PC HAS FREE ONLINE. Greedy M$, making money out of every single thing. They can’t even support Steam on the Xbox unlike the PS3!

  • Smith

    It should be called Xbox 720 but call it “720” for short!

  • Tim Coy

    They can call it whatever they want but I will call it a piece of sh** if they follow through on banning used games from being played on it

  • dohvakiin

    They can call it whatever they want but if it doesn’t support used and rented games I will be calling it a pile of sh**