Ouya console and questionable free gaming

When you consider that Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony have the console market share, you have to wonder why a startup would even consider trying to get in on the action? However, the device in question is called Ouya and has the backing that could help it become a viable device, but there’s no denying the mountain it has to climb.

On paper things look as though the new console will have a good start, first off there’s the design talents of Yves Behar and also the fact that the Google powered console will be just $99 and will have free gaming, which we find questionable. It’s been reported here that any developer will be able to publish games and they will be made available for free, but we do find this a little hard to swallow.

We find it hard to believe that a developer would want to publish a game for free, not unless they are indie games – but who will buy a console just for indie games? This does make sense because if they do have indie games most of the other titles will more than likely be Android games and could possibly be full of adds.

There is another theory, yes the game could be free and the developers would make their money with micro transactions within the game, much like we have seen with many mobile phone apps, such as Temple Run. One things for certain, if this Ouya console takes off then we wonder how long it will be before Apple does the same thing?