7-8-inch iPad answer to Nexus 7, rumors intensify

Since Steve Jobs sadly passed away last year much has changed with Apple as a company, although we have yet to see some of those changes for ourselves. We know that the company is now in the hands of Tim Cook, and he has made a few suggestions that would go against the principles that Jobs held, one of which is to do with transparency. However, it seems that this 7-8-inch iPad rumor still refuses to go away and over the past few weeks has begun to gain traction.

There’s a chance that Apple could do a u-turn on what Steve Jobs said and are finally in the process of producing a smaller version. In May we had heard rumors that Apple were doing this to counter the Google Nexus 7 tablet, and just recently Bloomberg said that the smaller iPad is in fact on its way.

Back when Steve Jobs first made the decision not to introduce a smaller iPad, Apple pretty much had the tablet market to themselves, but things have changed since then and now it makes sense for Apple to re-consider this. One of the key areas for these tablets is in gaming and while some fans of Apple’s iOS devices agree that the iPhone and iPod Touch is too small to fully appreciate gaming, others believe that the current iPad is a little too large to be carrying around with them. It’s for this reason why a middle ground would be a good move by Apple.

There are one or two issues with what is known about this rumored 7-8-inch iPad, one of which is that it will not have that Retina display as the iPad 3 or whatever we are calling it these days. This could be a shrewd move by Apple because not only could they undercut the Google Nexus 7 tablet, but also the Microsoft Surface as well. The reason we say this is because rival tablet makers have been cashing in on markets that Apple did not have a foothold in, if there is to be a smaller iPad then Apple will make things much more challenging for their rivals.