Evidence of PS3 Super Slim mounts with filing

When Sony released a smaller slimmer PlayStation 3 we were happy that we finally had the chance to play games on a less bulky games console, but it still wasn’t the small model that we had hoped for. We know that Sony is capable of reducing the size of their games consoles significantly like we have seen in the past, so comes as no surprise that the evidence is mounting that a new PS3 Super Slim is coming – well if a recent FCC filing is anything to go by.

The rumors of such a device are not new, but suggestions have started to mount now that E3 is out of the way and the gaming community begins to build up to GamesCom. We reported that there was more chance that Sony would show off a Super Slim PS3 rather than release details of a PS4, and this latest news does seem to support this.

NeoGAF users have reported that a new system from Sony has shown up on the FCC website and has the model number CECH-4001x, which you can clearly see is an upgrade to the current 3000 series. It’s reported that this new system was filed for FCC testing on March 9th this year.

It certainly makes sense for Sony to be thinking about this, as they will certainly lose potential buyers once the Wii U is released this year. Having a cheaper and more energy efficient PS3 would open the console up to new markets, and would also have long-term appeal for those who don’t wish to purchase a more expensive PlayStation 4 once released.