Gamestop’s Dead or Alive 5 Collectors Edition exclusive

Publishers will always find ways to cash in on more ways to make money on an upcoming title, which is just what Tecmo Koei has done with the announcement that there is to be a Dead or Alive 5 Collectors Edition, but we have to inform you that this $20 extra version is a GameStop exclusive. This means that you will have to part with $79.99 instead of the $59.99 for the standard version.

You will need to hurry as you will need to pre-order this version either online or in store, and considering this is exclusive to GameStop, we can see this deal being very popular. The reason we say this is because fans of the series will not only get a copy of the game but also downloadable swimsuit costumes for all the female fighters, poster of Kasumi, hardcover art book and also a soundtrack CD.

You can see two of the costumes above that will be available to you, if you’re a fan of the Bunny Girl image then you’re going to love these. We’re certain that more costumes will be made available as DLC and you can be sure that they will all be as sexy as those above.

An article here reports that there will be a more expensive edition for $142, but this is exclusive to Japan for now. Some fans will be in support of this because just under $80 for a Collectors Editions is seen as a bargain compared to some other titles. However, we’re sure that others will say that Dead or Alive 5bis not even worth the base price of $59.99; which of the two are you?