Coordinate your Matches in Battlefield 3

You have to love how Battlefield 3 is embracing the online competitive play for the community of players; the latest proof of this is with the latest features called Matches. With this new feature you will be able to take more control of what your friends and squad members do by coordinating competitive multiplayer sessions, which is great for those who just wants a match that is tailored just how they like it.

You will need to do this through Battlelog and the best part is this will be available to all platform users, so not exclusive deals. However, you will need to be renting one of the BF3 servers if you wish to take advantage of this cool new feature and start to coordinate your Battlefield 3 Matches.

There will be a huge number of settings that you will be able to choose, such as selecting the size of your match, its name, game mode, map rotations and also the start time of each match. Never before have you had so much control.

However, that’s not the end of the settings, as we’re being told that there are still a number of customizable tools at your disposable, such as squad-leader spawning, what weapons will be available to players to unlock, friendly fire, health regeneration and so much more. It’s clear to see that EA are trying to make BF3 have longevity, we just hope that they will be able to keep fans interest until there is news on the next Battlefield game – whatever that may be.

There’s so much more to Matches, which you can see for yourself over on the Battlefield Blog. Going back to how we pointed out that BF3 is now embracing its online features, we cannot get over the fact that EA are playing catch-up because these are features have been available to many other games for some time now, as well as the fact that this is seen as another way to push their rented servers.

However, in their defense those other games do rely on P2P, whereas with these Battlefield 3 rented servers you are not the host, so you should not suffer the same sort of lag as those doing it through P2P.