Predicting Skyrim DLC 2 with experimental mods

When looking at some of the features that made it into Skyrim Dawnguard you are able to look back at the experimental jam video and notice that some of what we saw in that video made it to the very first expansion. With this in mind can we start predicting what is to come for Skyrim DLC 2 with those same experimental mods, or will Bethesda bring in a number of new features or even release another jam video?

We shouldn’t lose sight of things though because there were only a handful of the 36 mods that made it to Dawnguard, with the werewolf perk tree and the Vampire Lord being just two fine examples. However, as these are main features of the game surely there are some more golden nuggets residing in that video? A recent article suggests that there was more to the experimental mods video than just a bit of fun, and from what we have seen we would have to agree.

With this in mind we wonder what other features from that video will make it into the second Skyrim DLC? We’re not sure how long we will have to wait for its release either, as there have been suggestions that Bethesda could bring out a smaller expansion for the Holiday Season and then spend more time working on a more substantial one for release in the first part of 2013. Having said that, there are some Skyrim fans who said that the first DLC was not that big either.

The name of the 2nd Skyrim DLC is rumored to be called Hearthfire, and we have no reason to doubt this because the evidence of this was the same that predicted Dawnguard.

So looking back at that experimental mods video what would you like to see make it to the next Skyrim expansion? A few ideas are as follows: flying mounts, stealth enhancements, spear weapons, build your own home, giant mudcrabs and goblin enemies.

These are just a handful, check out the video below to see what else is lurking or let us know some of your own suggestions for the second Skyrim DLC.


  • Paul B

    I haven’t read this article yet. But since it’s written by Peter Chubb, I’m going to assume it’s useless.

    • Paul B

      And I was correct. :)

  • Max Fusion

    it could be likely that that have been working on a larger DLC during the making of Dawnguard and its release, well I hope they have anyway. The Larger DLC’s could be the three provencies we’ve been to EG Morrowind, Highrock and Cyrodiil, while they might also bring out smaller but still large dlc’s like in the case with Dawnguard. anyways a few ideas for DLC’s or add ons ive got, A Dwemer DLC storyline possibly in Morrowind which also adds the Dwemer as a playable race. A Snow Elf storyline DLC which might take place in Highrock, somewhere remote, which also adds Snow Elves as a playable race. or even a trip to the isle Artaeum which appears several miles of the coast of Skyrim. or even possibly an Akavir themed DLC in which either they invade Tamriel again or just land and look for the Dragon born for a quest. well theres my ideas and thoughts I doubt Bethesda will take them on board but I hope they do if not of well lol. 

  • Gravesjacob710

    I would like to see snow elves as a playable race, being able to make your own house and have children, making spouses wear whatever you want them to, start up a city from nothing, ,become jarl of a hold, a spell to make you faster, a spell that lights up a whole cave

  • Gravesjacob710

    Being able to make and improve silver weapons and armor

  • Daelmyth

    Subdue and ride dragons!