Defeating a Legendary Dragon in Skyrim Dawnguard

When we first started to play Skyrim we were in fear of those creatures flying around ready to come down and attack you from the sky, but it wasn’t long until those dragons became more of a chore than an all-out fight to save your life and carry on to your next destination. Bethesda knew this and thought that more of a challenge was needed so came up with the Legendary Dragon in Skyrim Dawnguard.

On first glance they behave very similar to all other dragons, but once you get into a fighting match with one it becomes apparent that they have much more heath, and can attack you with far more force. However, the best bit is just how rare these creatures are – yes even more than Ancient Dragons.

It’s not just their power and strength you need to be concerned about, as they will also unleash both fire and frost from their mouths along with the Drain Vitality Shout as well. Even before you consider finding a way to defeat this elusive creature you will need to find one first, because they’re not that common. Once you do come across one it’s then that the fun begins and you look for ways to defeat Dawnguard’s Legendary Dragon.

There seems to be some confusion as to when you will be able to see a Legendary Dragon, some say you need to be over level 50, whereas we have heard from other fans that state you need to be over 70, which you can see in the videos below. However, we have even heard of one instance where you had to have an even higher level – so what is it?

Anyway back to how to defeat one of these creatures. You’re best to use some of the same tactics that have helped you defeat other dragons, but it’s wise to use ranged weaponry if you have a decent aim that is. Then you should use a range of shouts, but you need to be committed to the fight because it will take far longer than most other dragons to defeat.

In the first video in states you need to be over a level 70 to find a Legendary Dragon, and we found it interesting how the creature was easily defeated with 2 new Dragonbone weapons. The second video is proof that you can find one of these dragons at level 50, which should put an end to those who did not believe this.