GTA 5 pessimism not shared by all

Since Rockstar announced and then a month later released the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V fans of the franchise have been wanting more, but we all know how the developer loves to keep us waiting. It’s obvious that this is going to be a huge game once released, but there seems to be some pessimism in regards to if it can help save the gaming market as a whole, because we know too well that it’s on a downwards spiral.

It seems a shame to try and put the pressure all on one game as a few analysts have done recently, because even if GTA V is released later this year as rumored then sales of video games could still be poor this year. Should we really be worried out the politics of such a game, when all we should think about is what Rockstar will be able to offer us in terms of gameplay, enjoyment and value for money?

Going back to those analysts trying to spoil the party and offer their own views on GTA 5, Colin Sebastian believes that even if the game is released this year (which he does not think will be the case) a decline in video game sales is still inevitable. Michael Pachter reckons that Grand Theft Auto V could generate sales of over $700 million but that’s just 10 percent of overall game sales.

Jesse Divnich also shares this pessimism and states that any major video game release this year will not be able to help push the market back up, he also said that a huge catalyst is needed to swing the pendulum in the other direction. Do you agree with these negative views from these analysts that shared the information in this article or do you think it’s yet more scare mongering?

Okay, so we know that the video game industry is not the best it’s been, but neither are most other markets. Yes, there has been a slump in the number of decent games and the fans are screaming for something fresh, but you can’t deny that things are not as bad as what these analysts make out. There are a handful of games being released later this year that will give the gaming market a much needed boost, the obvious suspects are Black Ops 2, Assassin’s Creed III and Halo 4. However, we shouldn’t forget about Far Cry 3, Resident Evil 6 and also LittleBigPlanet Karting.

Do you think the release of these games will help the video game market and what kind of affect would it have if Grand Theft Auto V was not released until 2013?

  • Saxon85

    $700 is a lot!! Haha

    • Carson J Gallo

      He typed $700 million.

      • John

        No actually he typed: ‘$700 million but that’s just 10 percent of overall game sales.’

        • Carson J Gallo

          That’s what I said he typed

  • Rogerxbox89

    It shows gamers aren’t forking out hard earned money for CASH COW games designed to make a quick buck! Diablo 3 showed how terrible the industry can be, luckily games like Skyrim set the bar to new heights. Why would I pay 50-60 for a game I can play for a few hours till I get bored when I can pay the same for a game like Skyrim which has so much more to offer and infinitely more playing time. Developers, We want breath-taking scale! Limitless opportunity and customisation! Character development that shapes our avatar! additionally, us gamers want to know that you are continuing to update and add new content for our initial investment, small to large downloadable content at a fair price to provide yet even more opportunities for us gamers. you see, we want to feel like…Man this game is huge! I can play this forever! And if they keep adding stuff for us to download well that’s just awesome…I’ll certainly buy a sequel!

  • Delacey11

    Dear RockstarGames,

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely 
    Release GTA 5 tomorrow and you are guaranteed record sales, just don’t push your luck like you’re doing know
    This is a threat

  • Scott

    you corect.the games need to be longer and more things to do.not play a game for two days then not play it again because it was completed and there is nothing else to do on it.

  • Ted

    Nobody should care what Wall Street analysts have to say.  They have their own agenda, which is mainly to make your money into their money.  Just ignore them.

  • Bus_is

    Who cares. No news of gta v yet articles about how good the games going to be, how it’s going to effect the market blah blah blah.

  • expert analyst

    michael patcher has been wrong about mostly everything he’s aid about gta v so far

    • Aesop

      Lol he definately has… He said they would release new info a day before E3… WRONG

  • Sharpz

    Who gives a toot ya loser

  • Paul B

    Hmmm… Written by Peter Chubb … I’m sure it will be useless.

  • Tree

    Not only are they wasting our time by releasing the first trailer to early, they were too lazy to find a new location so just stuck to Los fricken Santos to be safe. The graphics don’t look that much better from gta 4 either. I need to stop masturbating to the trailer.

    • Aesop

      Honestly, R* always uses locations more than once… This will only be the 2nd time they use Los Santos lol your point is a bit flawed.

  • Ryan Richert

    Ahhh!  Rockstar!  Just release something new already!  It’s been half a year.  This is taking a little too far.  You really can’t release another teaser?  For Gods Sake!  

    • Jesus

      oh my god another teaser would be like the worst thing ever, they have to release it now