Black Ops 2 and BF3 devs cheap shot

When we first learned that Black Ops 2 was to have a futuristic setting it wasn’t long before the negative comments started to come in, and while this part of the game has been left alone for some time it seems as though no one has told DICE that. The reason we say this is because the general manager of Battlefield 3, Karl Magnus thought it would be good to take a cheap shot at the next Call of Duty title.

He believes that Black Ops 2 will not innovate by just changing the era, as they need to have an overall change of the game itself. Now while there are those who believe this to be true having someone criticize you when their own company is also guilty of the same thing seems a bit hypocritical, well that’s what this article believes.

Many fans of Call of Duty would say that DICE has copied them with the Battlefield franchise, but would you agree with them on that? Okay, we know that the Call of Duty series has lost its way over the past few years, and while sales have still been impressive, there’s no denying that we feel as though we have seen it all before.

DICE are very competent developers, but do you think they will be worried about Black Ops 2 because not only could the game pull players away from BF3 but also their upcoming title Medal of Honour Warfighter as well? Then there’s the fact that heading a few years into the future could appeal to a new audience, with suggestions that those who love the Halo franchise could also consider a Call of Duty title for a change.

To help keep you grounded and let you know that you are playing a COD title then it’s almost certain that Black Ops 2 will have a Zombies Mode. Personally I’m not a lover of this mode but millions of other gamers don’t care what little old me thinks.

Do you take any notice of these cheap shots? While it’s no surprise that the likes of DICE will come out with statements to try and deter gamers from playing such games, it does seem a little hard to swallow when they should practice what they preach.

  • beevis

    i’m laughing at dice and their desperation – they only can dream about having the sales BO did and what BO2 is going to sell. my BO2 preorder is already paid…..can’t wait to see what their doing with zombies and check out the branching mission options in campaign.

    • Jamie McDonald

      In time they will, call of duty will fall and battlefield will rise, battlefield will fall and another FPS will rise. We should be happy with the competition, we will always be winners whatever the outcome

      • Goldensgods

        Not money wise… 

  • Rob-mclaren-fan

    I agree with Dice. Yes Black Ops 2 will look different in terms of the actual situations you’re in, but it will still play the same and look the same.

    • Goldensgods

      100%, they will never  change it if it is still making money 

    • guest

      theres not much you can do to change how a fps play, especially when its near perfect.

    • James

      like all the bf games also

    • EddieCheese

      And what has bf3 done to change their sequals? Just one thing, graphics…smh -.-

  • Johnyoungmhs

    I think that dice is scared that call of duty actually is changing the formula because they were so close to taking all of the call of duty fans to battlefield and medal of honour because there was such bad feedback on mw3 that dice thought that they could actually beat out call of duty this year but with black ops 2 changing the scene and gameplay even more than black ops 1 did so now dice is worried as battlefield and medal of honour is getting staler then call of duty for they have been around longer then the cod series and have way more installments of the same thing over and over again, i am done with battlefield and EA in general for all they do is criticise the cod series and then copy what they criticised

    • Willy

      I am thinking the same thing. Dice is scared because they can’t have what Call of Duty has. 

    • Goldensgods

      Yeah battlefield 3 is stale but mw3 was stale 2years before it even came out..  and  the only reason i play black ops is for the zombies and that’s all i’ll be doing in black ops 2. 

      • Pillysilly

         Good man, yeah Zombies is awesome

  • Dan

    Medal of Honor is not made by DICE, it is mad by Danger Close…

  • TylerCage

    Agreed, 100%. Dice piss me off so much. I bought battlefield 3 last year and i should of known dice and EA would be shoved up so far intotheir own asses to focus on the game. Instead they focus on their magical graphics engine. In the trailer and the commercials, they say nothing but “look at these great graphics”. BF3 was like a broken car with a new paint job, it may look good, but it’s just dispointing. Of course i’m talking about the boring campaign. the multiplayer was just the same as bad company 2 with a new engine and new interface, so they should not take shots at cod for something they done just last year.

  • Mr. Holiday

    COD won’t be on top forever, but I’m certain that battlefield will never be.

  • Coolguy65

    its a shame really cause gaming isn’t getting better its dying slowly i used to enjoy browsing a game store but now the magic is gone no developers are really pushing the boat out with something new and because people haven’t been bother to explore games because there to interested in “fifa” or the next “cod” the game industry is dying because they just pipe out the same game with one new feature and other new interesting games are getting overshadowed by these games 9 out 10 people just play these two games OUYA for the win might just fix the games industry cause i think its dying quite quickly