Doubting Skyrim Dawnguard PS3 delay

A huge number of Xbox 360 users have been enjoying the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC for almost two weeks now, which would mean that those with a PS3 and PC only have a further two weeks until they can get their hands on this much-needed expansion. However, this might not be the case if we are to believe what we have been reading over the past few days.

A recent article on PR News has a few reasons why this could be and has also seen from a recent forum post that those with a PC and PlayStation may have to wait until the 13th of September, although fans doubt this to be true.

So why would there be such a long wait after the Xbox 360 exclusive has passed? One reason suggested is due to a number of bugs that have been present in the first Skyrim DLC, which we recently discussed. Fans would not mind if they had to wait about a week later, which would mean a release on July 31st not September.

There is a fear that if there were a two and a half month delay then excitement for Dawnguard could dwindle, there’s also the possibility that a smaller DLC could be nearing release not long after September, as there have been rumors that we could see a smaller expansion over the Holiday Season with a larger DLC in early 2013.

Maybe we’re missing something from that forum post? Firstly it’s not the 30-day agreement and secondly where is the proof? It’s all very well suggesting that the release of Dawnguard will not be until September 13th, but a source would be nice and if it were true it would be all over Google by now.

  • Daniel

    Lets hope its not true and it comes out this month 

  • Guest

    I dont mind the wait infact kind of fed up with Beth and the Elder scrolls Skyrim seems to be just a glorified Oblivion nothing much as changed the expansion as far as I hear from people isnt much of a expansion at all. I would never buy a game for xbox as it is a load of crap and as been given to my 2 year old son for him to use a dvd player.

    PS3 is the only console worth paying for as it offers reliability and more than just the one use also its so much more powerful and I admire the exclusives so much more than I did the xboxs Gears of war and Halo series were good until they started with the sequels.

    I think next Elder Scrolls shouldnt be ported from Xbox like Skyrim Infact they should just miss the Xbox and keep it PS3 and PC as they are far more superior to Xbox and would get more out of the game and bring some quality games graphics.

    Skyrim being a port to PS3 was just lazy and is the fault to all the problems it had its like putting a mini engine in a bus it just doesnt work.

    • Jack

      You’re an idiot

      • him self

        shut up jack

  • Dave! Yognaut

    I’m just sick of getting f*****d up the ass by Bethesda just because i bought Skyrim for PS3.

  • John

    It better come out this month, you think i care about the fuckin bugs? My Skyrim already has bugs. Just give me the DLC and i will deal with the bugs, i just want to play some thing new on Skyrim before i get bored with it. If they cant/dont give us this DLC by the end of the gonna be in jail for causing a riot.

    • RC


  • RC

    i emailed bethesda about my game freezing, and they helped me fix it. Then i emailed bethesda about the dawnguard release date for ps3, and they just ignored my message. I seriously dont even think it will come out. im so pissed.

  • Mark

    Heh, the PC crowd would go nuts as the PC is the only real way to play Bethesda games anyway.

  • Glenn

    just read through the thread, looks like a troll to me… though the release date is probably gonna be somewhere around that date.

    then again have Bethesda actually said dawnguard is anything other than 360 excusive…

  • Thomas Carey-Wilson

    well lets put it this way, I’m not buying it if it comes out in SEPTEMBER!!! 

  • bob

    i know,
    they can just add patches anyway they should releasas it ASPA
    befor they lose to many fans

  • Spinney

    I just want my god damn crossbow!

  • Tacglock

    If it does not come out by august , I will not buy it. this is sick on Bethesdas part. all about the money, so screw em. they won’t get mine

  • Kensai serazu

    I think we should get it got free or a discount if it comes late who agrees

  • Mercury 8619

    I agree. I think its unfair that X-Box 360 users get to play the dlc first. I say this because when you look at it from my perspective… Everyone that has a Playstation 3 did pay the same price that someone who owned an X-Box 360 paid. So when it comes to the release of a dlc like Dawnguard,why is it fair that they get  it first? Is it because they pay the X-Box Live fee? Whether we choose to pay more or less,I think other people who own a console that hosts the same game should have fair obligation to pay for the dlc and have it on the same date of release and not wait a month,it makes no sence to me and if there is a reason for it,the reason would be pointless and none the less stupid.

  • Eain Williams

    I’m sorry but I’m fed up I’ve been a proud Sony owner all my life with PlayStation & Xbox wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for Sony PlayStation. Hell I’ll even include Nintendo for that matter; none of this bullshit happened until the all mighty 360 hit the streets, personally I could care less about that damn DLC anymore I will happily play Skyrim without it. I’m damn sure not paying $19.99 if I have to wait until September whether its a “more enhanced version” or not.

  • Guest

    Its not an issue of bethesda trying to take your money it’s an issue of previous contract. As to you not paying $20 dollars for an expansion thats your choice. However I have never been let down by bethesda especially concerning the elder scrolls series. They design quality games. That they want to wait a week to make sure it has no bugs speaks “quality”

    • Hi and Yes I’m MaD

      Quality games? HAHAHAHAH don’t make me laugh

  • Indestruct13

    Yes Guest fellow you are right & I won’t deny that but its still an undoubtedly aggravating feeling that we PS3 owners constantly get left in the dirt. However though I’ll say this much, the majority of the time PS3 has to wait for something I have noticed we get the better quality. So if Bethesda is doing anything, they’re certainly highly improving the Skyrim PS3 DLC version.

    • Hi and Yes I’m MaD

      Highly improving?! HHAHAHAHHAHA DOn’t make me laugh!

      • Ltheisman

        X-box 360………….laughing pretty hard aint ya.

  • Romulus

    good god lets just call a spase a spade an quit lapping up the rationalisations. microsoft an gates didn’t pay to get Bethesda dlc early. they payed to have it delayed as long as humanly possible for their competitors. I remember reading an article where some Xbox user said that the Pitt add on for FO3 was barely playable. it was no different on the ps3. someone somewhere maybe Bethesda suggested that polish was being put on the competitors dlc to quell dissatisfaction. fact is everyone crooked wins. Bethesda wins because the wait makes many users want it more. that same wait also make that polish bull palpable. and gates and Microsoft win because they know the kid with newest thing first is usually the most popular. this wasn’t a savvy business move on microsofts part. this was a back alley deal plain. if it were anything else Sony would have had something to say, they don’t because they didn’t think of it first. if it wee a bidding war Sony could have spun it, simple.

  • Guest!

    Lol im Loving These Comments Good Stuff to Do While Your Waiting For a Decent DLC Or Add On.. The Wait Is Painful For Me i got so excited about it and sick of waiting for it iv kinda spoiled the fun of Exploring whats new and just went on Youtube and Spoiled it for myself. =( Yes its Sad but i could not help it. BTW if The Elder Scrolls Series Was To Be Just PS3 & PC I Think it Would Rise The Competition Between Xbox And PS3… Xbox Get Sooooo Many Games For Themselves and We Share All Ours… The Decent Ones Anyway lol. But Obviously Bethseda Just Care About one thing and you know what that is Right?

    • Hi and Yes I’m MaD

      Man, listen
      They’re probaly gonna give us the same dlc as  xbox and the price will be exactly the same, soo…. why don’t we all just wait ’till they drop the price! As part of the riot, we will not buy anything from them until they repay us (pc and ps3) for our misery.
      They are making big bucks out of your stupidity (all of you). No matter how many ppl they pissed off, ppl will still buy the dlc. Waste of money i tell you. The dlc is around 20 bucks, right? And skyrim costs about 60 bucks, right? HAHAHHA this is a HUGEEE rip off. Skyrim has about 300 hours of gameplay and dawnguard has like   20-30 hours, lmao i can’t stop laughing. Dawnguard….just…doesn’t..deliver. lmao 

  • Guest

    You idiot, It was one guy that said it would be september 13 on Gamefaqs, then he went around and posted another topic saying the release date was the 13th and then sourced his own topic.

  • slonerboner

    What I saw was a GOTY edition of the game with the expansion on it. Not the expansion itself, being released sept 13th. All the speculation in vein. Pity.

  • Thomas_phillips69

    i dont mind wating the way i see it if the games are released on the xbox first it will give them a better idea how to get it better for the ps3 lol less bugs and glitches either way im in no big hurry for the dlc

    • Blackheart

      Sure, that would be great if that were the case. But we all know, Bethesda doesnt give a crap about glitches for the ps3, it started off glitchy, and still is to this day. Secondly, why not explain that to the fans who are waiting? Its all very fishy, theyre either setting something special, theyve run into a wall (legally, or technically) , or they just dont care…simple

      • Senator476ad

         I was just Reading the twitter feed over at Pete Hines (VP of marketing at Bethesda) and he had responded to a Skyrim fan begging for the release date of Dawnguard on PS3.  The reply Hines had made was,

        Pete Hines
        ‏@DCDeacon@THEBuuzer We have not said anything about any other platforms.

        So I don’t know what this is supposed to mean, but I would wager that Hines is just being terse with the fan for bothering him on his twitter feed. 

        I say all PS3 Skyrim fans should tweet Hines about Dawnguard

  • Billy

    If it’s no released when they say it will be then i’m just going to pirate it, screw them all

  • Caz You Al

    IDK why everybodys getting so worked up they already told you when its coming out on the 26th of July.  Thats less than a week away till then sit back and chill.===~~

  • Neemoney

    i bet microsoft paid bethesda so that they have a head start on game than the other gaming platforms and to promote their own console…

    • DL53


  • DL53

    I just hope it dose come out of july 26, theres no reason why they sound hold onto it for a long time. Glitches or not, it wont been good for them to make us wait this long. All there doing is just making us PS3 user hate them more, even if they or the 360 user disagree. Theres more PS3 user then 360. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, oh and I’ll join John riot lol.

    • DL53

      Should hold it* yeah, yeah, I know.

    • DL53

      Should hold onto it* Yeah, yeah, I know.

    • Falcon D. Stormvoice

      There’s so very much more than that wrong with that comment. *does *there’s *won’t *they’re *users *there’s *than *John’s

      Also, I’m a huge PS3 fanboy but the only place I can imagine where PS3s might outnumber 360s is Japan itself. Yes, Microsoft inflates its sales numbers by including systems they repaired RRoD as ‘sales’ but they really are a juggernaut.

      What might be accurate to say is that there are more RPG players on PS3 from when Playstation reigned supreme in all things fantasy.

  • Romulus

    people wouldn’t be so pissed if there was an evident lack of bugs with the dlc. if they say their delaying to fix glitches an then the list f glitche is longer than the line at a bathroom in a Hindu buffet well then derpy der not only do people have a right to get pissed they have a responsibility to cry foul on the bull. see people laugh about cuz it’s just a game but shifty business practice is not. justification because it’s business. if certin states had to wait for a Harry potter novel because of timed exclusive crap, blood and fire would soon follow. truth is this form of unfair bull is no different from any other.

  • Falcon D. Stormvoice

     I have defended Bethesda from day one but I can’t defend this. Release the add-on in 2014 for all I care; it gets released when it gets released and that’s completely fine. Hell, there’s nothing saying you had to release Skyrim for the PS3 in the first place. The free market is based on voluntary choice — you choose whether or not to make something and we choose whether or not to purchase it.

     But you made the choice to develop for the PS3 and while you may be regretting that, and at least a hundred thousand PS3 users bought it — gave you cashy-money for it. And they didn’t pay any less than a 360 or PC user, so you ought to treat them like customers, yeah?

    The delay isn’t the problem. Treating us like mushrooms — keeping us in the dark and feeding us **** — is the problem. The message sent is that we mean so little that we’re not even worth the effort required to make an offhanded comment about the release.

    • DL53

      Agreed… Btw thanks for helping me out back on my post… I really need to work on my spelling lol…

  • Lynsky67

    im a ps3 owner and i have played dawnguard on my brother’s xbox, its kinda crap anyway and the controls for being a vampire lord are cumbersome and awkward! dont waste your cash guys.

  • Lynsky67

    that is dont waste it if and when it finally comes your way!

  • Myself

    I heard before about the Oblivion game of the year edition (I don’t really know if that’s true) has a glitch, people just get stuck on vampire the glitch make not way to you can cure yourself and become a human again. I just hope nothing bad happens to PS3 and PC version, I really prefer these versions… If something is going to happen, have to be a good thing, like an improvement… I can be wrong, I hope I’m not. But if I’m really wrong, there’s another way, let’s make a RIOT!!!

  • LeonRed

    Okay, I’m done waiting if it don’t come out this week I’m moving on to better games… Anyone know any good games like skyrim or fallout? I like free rom games… Lol I think I’ve plaied them all… I need a life, just got paied and was saving it for dawnguard… What a pain this dawnguard problem has been… Oh wel, life gose on… This shows me to NEVER buy from Bethesda…

    • Falcon D. Stormvoice

      *roam, *played, *paid, *well, *goes

      And sorry, but Bethesda games are pretty much the only Massive Single-Player Free-Roam Open-World Sandbox Roleplaying Games out there.

      I mean, there’s stuff like Dwarf Fortress but that’s way over most people’s heads or just too complex for a wind-down game. Also, it taxes even modern computers despite the lack of graphics.

      • LeonRed

        Lol God your the only one that dose that to me, thanks again… I need a teacher, how about it? Teach me english!!! Well not english but to write better x.x… And thanks, I guess will just wait for resident evil 6 to come out.. I already beat skyrim 5 times and got all the… Yeah I’m going to hate myself for trying to even spell it but here I go… Av… Damn it… The trophies… Lol I know your all laughing at me right now!!! XD(oh and I’m DL53 if your wondering what I meant by the first line)

      • LeonRed

        Oh and did you really have to add “well,” come on, I just missed the L don’t mean I spelled it wrong lol…

    • Falcon D. Stormvoice

      Also, it’s definitely not coming out in a week. The PR Executive Pete Hines tweeted that they’ll make an announcement when it’s coming and that they can’t even comment on when they’ll make that announcement. So, it’s going to be a long while.

  • Guest

    Lol You Would Think If It Was Coming Anytime Soon They Would Release A Trailer Before They Bring It Out. Funny If Sony And Bethesda Tried To Make It A Surprise lol They Would Not Excite Us It Would Nearly Satisfy All The Angry Gamers If It Does Not Come Out Today Because It Took Too Long And The Tension, The Excitement Is Gone Because You Have Either Youtubed It All Or Have A Friend On Xbox Who Has Dawnguard Or Finally Just SICK OF WAITING!   

    • Falcon D. Stormvoice

      wHaT tHe HeLl DiD i JuSt ReAd

  • Chris

    13th OF SEPTEMBER its now 2 days since he has promised PC and PS3 players i mean didnt one of the other game producers get sued for not keeping on time? Anyway thanks for the info i hope its not the 13th