GTA 5 publisher disappears from Expo lineup

With there being a complete news blackout for Grand Theft Auto V it’s left to speculation and what the fans want from the game. We have been waiting for what seems like a lifetime for some fresh news from Rockstar, but they are reluctant to share anything new as yet. It was never in the equation that there would be a showing at E3, but that’s not saying that we won’t find anything new during GamesCom, but failing that then the EB Games Expo is another possibility.

If GTA 5 was a no show during GamesCom then you can kiss goodbye to a 2012 release, but there’s a possibility that the ever-elusive second trailer or even some official news from Rockstar could happen during that Expo in Sydney Australia. We say this because we recently learned from this article that Rockstar was on the Expo lineup.

If this is true then we cannot see Rockstar showing off anything else but GTA 5, because as far as we know they have nothing else in the pipeline. There is one issue with this though because while we’re being told that Rockstar is on the list (see below) you can clearly see here that either it was never there in the first place or what we have for you below was edited.

We’re now hearing that the news that suggested that GTA 5 was going to show at GamesCom was in fact a fake. While this is a disappointment there’s sill no saying that it won’t be a no show, but if not then there’s still the chance that it could appear at the EB Games Expo.

If this is the next time that we hear from Rockstar then it would have been 11 months since they released the first trailer, not sure fans will be happy with such a long wait.

  • Guest

    This is also fake i have been on the expo website and rockstar isnt even announced

    • Jamesohanlon

      It says in the article it has been deleted since…. Can you read?

  • Guest

    Not buying GTA 5 anymore. Saving my $$$ for Watch Dogs.

    • Guest


    • Courtney Runnels

       Yeah. I’ve waisted my time. I’m sticking with the old gta games and saints row games.

      • E1667887

        Your loss. This Gta is going to be their best ever. Saints row doesnt even come close to gta. Watch dogs does look good.

        • Snake050872

          No country side, no beaches, no babes (stuck in a city) Me no buy Watch Cats

  • Tasiamartin1

    no. they will be at Gamescom beause why would they show it in the trailer?

    • Ky

      They also showed a clip from the first trailer in a montage for E3 this year and there wasn’t any GTA news there at all, you can’t really say that “well it’s in the gamescon trailer so that means it’ll definately be at gamescon”. We’ve been fooled in the past, I’m just hoping GTA5 will release this year.

    • RKSRTengeer

      the game will be shown(briefly) at the expo.

  • RKSTRengneer

    it will be October 2012. all i can tell you

    • ???????

      RKSTRenegneer knows his stuff cos i do too, and all im gonna say is october 23rd 2012, Rockstar feel they dont need show off gta v and if they said 2morro that it will be released this friday, i guarantee it will still sell more copies than any other title this year twice. Just wait and see people rockstar love this sort of (PLAYING GAMES WITH YOUR HEAD TYPE OF STRATEGY)

      • Gh

        We all know GTA 5 will be released in 2016

      • D4v1d

        id pay double if they release it in october

  • Guest

    Im going to EB expo and an announcement like that wouldnt be made at it. It’s not big enough, etc to pull something like that.

  • Lmao

    definitely not gonna get released in 2012… march through may 2013! just like GTA IV.

    • Lukeyy19

      GTA IV was supposed to be released in October 2007, but was delayed until April 2008, The original Grand Theft Auto released in October 1997, GTA 2 released October 1999, GTA III released October 2002, Vice City released October 2002, San Andreas released October 2004, and like I said, IV was supposed to release October 2007.


    Why did I move here? I guess it was the weather WAAAooOOOO, WAAAooOOOO, Dum Dum Dum Duuum

  • Clock

    This RockstarGames you speak of, what has it done exactly?

    • Monsterdill

      Well, they’re quite frankly the greatest game producers of all time! Not only have they created the absolutley massive grand theft auto series (minus the first 2 games and gta london) but they are the geniuses behind various other huge titles such as:
      The Warriors
      Bully (canis canem edit)
      Midnight club
      Max payne
      Red dead
      La noire

      • Clock

        I was not talking to you I was talking to everyone else except you

        • Hes Hell Davis

          if you’re tired of it, why are you looking for GTA 5 news?

  • a guy nugget


  • BillyBrolly

    Im bored with GTA, the same old same old, walk, drive, kill, shoot, blah blah, and you never ever complete it.