Halo 4 RTX summary including Forge

The Forge mode in Halo 4 has recently had details highlighted at the RTX convention in Austin, Texas, as 343 Industries partner Certain Affinity revealed information on three large environments and several new enhancements. The build seen at RTX is still being improved as some user-interface elements have been held over from Halo: Reach.

On Saturday, the Forge mode was previewed and improvements noticed included highlighting items with the object’s names that users are hovering over, as well as locking objects in place and duplicating them by pressing down on the D-pad instead of going back into the menus. Examiner summarize these features along with a new “magnet” system to make it easier to connect and alight objects such as structures, and a larger budget of $1,000,000 can be used to place items in the different environments.

A bigger budget means that some objects will also cost more and users will be able to enter the map at anytime without any loading, and hints have been given about objects changing to match the theme of the map, although the highly requested undo feature will not be included because the networking issues create a huge undertaking. Examiner also writes in a separate post about the new UNSC shotgun design unveil, and full Halo 4 panel from RTX.

Another introduction is the UNSC Sticky Detonator, which is basically a grenade launcher that sticks to surfaces or enemies and the first trigger pull fires it, while the second detonates it. 343 Industries Frank O’Connor also mentioned that the Spartan II and III characters introduced in Ghosts of Onyx and Glasslands will not be in Halo 4, although their stories will be touched up in the new game trilogy.

Answering questions about Call of Duty comparisons concerning the addition of Armor Abilities there has been some acknowledgement of this but this game does not play or feel like CoD title. To get an insight into the new gameplays the Halo Council has 3 new videos on the Big Team Battle map Longbow. To see this for yourself we have embedded the footage below, so please let us know what you think?