New PES 2013 gameplay footage live tomorrow

As we move closer towards the end of the year that can only mean one thing in the world of sports video games, the clash of the two big football/soccer games, which are PES 2013 and FIFA 13. It’s no secret that both will be going head to head to try and prove that they have the better features, but more often than not it’s the latter who wins out.

Having said that Konami will not be making it easy this year and will offer a vast range of improvements, as will EA. To help further wet you appetite there will be some new PES 2013 gameplay footage tomorrow and will be live from 12pm GMT or 1pm CET according to a recent article.

We have no idea what this new footage will include as the developer has remained pretty quiet on the matter, which will no doubt make you all the more curious. Konami recently came out to question the innovation of FIFA 13 as they believe that EA is just reproducing the same things each year and only update certain features, because they have reached a limit of what they can do with the gameplay, but do you share this view?

Okay so we know that one of the biggest issues with the PES series is not being able to play the teams that we know and love like you can in FIFA, but is this really that much of an issue? I have never been a fan of football/soccer games, but surely gameplay and features are far more important than being able to pick a beloved team or player?

Speaking of FIFA we reported earlier that Messi has been chosen to appear on the cover of FIFA 13, which is due for release on September 25 in the US and 28 in Europe. As for PES that game will be released shortly after.