Nexus 7 ship worries and gaming dilemma

With the Google Nexus 7 due to ship on July 19th there are now worries that the non-US versions could lack certain functionality and on top of that gamers will be facing a dilemma. The loss of some features and certain gaming aspects coming into question could certainly come into play as consumers make their choice, because the iPad is forever ready to pounce on the wounded if it smells blood.

Okay, things are not that bad for the Nexus 7 because overall it’s a pretty decent tablet, but we can’t help but worry when the US is favored over other markets. We have learned from this article that the non-US versions of the Nexus 7 made by Asus will lack the music element of Google Play, which is used to download music, TV and also magazine catalogues due to issues with licensing agreements.

While this does not sound that bad when you consider that consumers will look to unofficial methods to find the same media content, that’s where the malware threat comes in – and we know that Android devices are no strangers to such threats. Again this is not such a huge issue losing this feature, but you can’t help but worry what other features will be missing from the non-US versions?

It’s been brought to our attention that there’s a gaming dilemma with the Nexus 7 due to the fact that while Google will have you believe that this new device is a serious gaming machine offering a 8GB version does seem to counter that. If you will not be using the device to play games then you will have no problems, but if you do then you will need to consider getting one with larger storage.

Say you do have the 8GB version then only 6GB will be available and when you consider that some of the top games will take over half a gigabyte, well you won’t have much space once you have installed a handful of these games. Having said that there is a huge choice of other gamers that will not take up that much storage, but it’s something that you will need to consider.

  • Towerrounder

    This is the worst article I have ever read regarding the nexus 7! All you’ve done here is regurgitate other people’s research and flung together a couple of facts that even a two year old would deem pointless!

    The “gaming dilemma” (dilemma being the key word) exists because the space is limited on the 8GB version!! REALLY!! Thats like saying a car would struggle to carry 5 passengers if it’s only designed for carry 4!!

    And “malware threats” because people might use unofficial methods to get the content!! What a fascinating fact!

    Breaking news!:

    * Malware on the nexus increases due to Google not providing enough content!
    * Gamers furious over lack of space on the 8gb version!