Possibility of Guild Wars 2 for PS3 at GamesCom

As far as MMOs are concerned, Guild Wars 2 offers a great storyline that is responsive to player actions, which is something that has become a popular part of gaming with single player role-playing titles, so the possibility of this becoming available for the PS3 will be an exciting prospect for fans to experience a unique game on the console.

Set in the fantasy world of Tyria, this title by ArenaNet was previously discussed to be coming to the console and only a few months ago it was said to be in early development stages. In an article on PlayStation Universe, they write about the possibility of a PS3 version and news that this will be shown at Gamescom 2012. Along with reports that a LinkedIn profile for one Gerald Bauser might confirm Grand Theft Auto V’s upcoming presence at the event, there is also news of Arenanet’s title being listed.

Among the listed games Guild Wars 3 is stated although this is expected to be a typing error, and the noteworthy information is that the much-hyped MMO sequel from developer ArenaNet, could come to consoles, with the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the PC being mentioned. The details from Bauser’s resume lists game titles give us reason to believe this is an eventuality and makes sense that this will make an appearance at Gamescom

This is good news for console gamers that have been asking for Guild Wars for a while now, although some gamers are skeptical about titles like this and Diablo 3 ever making their way to the consoles. The idea of Guild Wars 2 coming out on the PS3 is great idea, which would be a decent addition to console gaming and in connection to this last month we spoke about how well the beta version was received on the PC. Are you hoping to play this on the PlayStation 3? How do you think it will do on the console?

  • 434_guiltyspark

    So…  there is a typo calling GW2 “Guild Wars 3″… we’re just going to assume that “oh! Obviously the inclusion of XBOX360 and PS3 in the platforms are true and are not just typos as well?