Serana in Skyrim, disappearing act and marriage

While playing Skyrim you will come across varied women, some you will be able to marry and others you will not. We have noticed that some of the more desirable women never seem interested, although there are a few that are. There is no shortage of less desirable women who are ready to commit and there’s nothing wrong in that, but since the release of the Dawnguard DLC it seems as though fans have been looking to marry Serana, but it seems as though marriage is far from her mind.

The moment you free her from the sarcophagus you have this urge to marry, not because she seems alluring but because she’s unlike any other NPC in Skyrim, as she seems to behave differently and has more awareness. For now there is no way that you will be able to marry Serana, but we were shocked to learn that fans sent a petition to Bethesda asking if they could update the DLC so they could marry her. We can’t see them bringing in a patch to make this happen, but if it could happen would you try to marry her or do you feel it would take away what makes her so good as a follower?

Have you had an issue with Serana disappearing? We have seen a few forum posts that suggest the ancient pureblood will often disappear on them. From what is being discussed it seems to be a bug in the Break Of Dawn Deadric quest, as some fans have said that she just vanishes, but this is not a widespread issue only for a select few.

While there is no sure way to resolve this issue the best cause of action would be to keep saving your progress and keep checking up on Serana, just to make certain she’s still there. The reason why is because she is important to the Dawnguard quest and requires her to stay with you. From what we know Bethesda has yet to resolve this glitch, but it’s not the first time that such a thing has happened.

Sometimes Serana will not disappear, but she won’t follow you either. There’s one instance where she will not leave Broken Oar Grotto, no matter what you try she will just stick around inside the cave. There’s more proof that this is a bug because the same thing has happened to those who took Cicero in there as well.

On a final note many gamers have asked why they are unable to cure Serana, and we have learned here the reason for this is simple, you need to be nice to her. If you have a good relationship and do not upset her she will then open up more dialogue with you and then allow you to ask her, remember try to be a true friend.

What are the good and bad points with Serana?

  • Slimshad75

    I wouldn’t hesitate as soon as I saw her I wanted to side her and I did, she’s perfect in the game and I am gutted that the great creators of great games bethesda are intimidating us by not allowing us to marry her, I for one won’t marry any other even if there’s no chance of a patch it’s worth it, we will see in due time.

  • bob77907

    would be cool if we could marry her and have kids like fade to black like in new vegas and then thars your kid and it would be cool if yor kids get older like you and then thay could then be a follower

  • Trollster

    I WANT HER !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dracathio

    I highly disgree with Bethesda’s choice to not allow her to be a marriage choice. Even though she’s been put away for about what seams to the point before Talos even Ysgramor because of the few tails about her father had been a Tyrant King of sorts or something and wasn’t wanting to die. The choice to ask her to marry you should be there for either side Vampire/Cured, the fear of temples is valid because of the Molag Bal thing and him “taking” her and turning her (him being the Deadric Prince of Domination and all), which would then give the ability to have a very unique, just like her dialog and awareness of areas, wedding cerimony where you have it at the Castle or Fort. Sure Bethesda could come up with several reasons some being invalid reasons and others being a bit valid, but shouldn’t matter after all they got over 10,000 fans who want this to happen. At the moment the only way to marry her is if you have the game on PC and can accually play it without a bunch of scratchy loading. Either way the whole DLC pretty much leads up to her and your character becoming very close if your nice to her and do things right. Either way she should be allowed to be married, don’t really care for Bethesda’s valid points 10,000 of us say do it or pretty much keep getting dug into the ground with something that is a major mistake in the eyes of many.

  • Andreas Kalergis

    Plz just plz let us marry Serana , I personally had spend 2 months searching for how to marry Serana , and I believe that Serana isn’t different because Aela is kind like her because SHE IS A WEREWOLF, You don’t let Serana to be married and you let Aela ????? Just to be fair let Serana to be married I beg you. I am not the only one who thinks that you should let Serana be married so please please let Serana be married on Ps3 Xbox and PC We are only asking for that..