Understanding latest Forza Horizon details

To get an insight into the latest details that revolve around Forza Horizon the series director Dan Greenawalt from Turn 10 Studios has let on some interesting details of the direction taken with this critically acclaimed simulation franchise. The setting of the open roads of Colorado will give players the opportunity to showcase cars and experience races with a festival backdrop.

Developed by British studio Playground Games Forza Horizon will involve a new approach and Dan Greenawalt enlightens us on what to expect and talks about technical demands behind an open-world. Digital Spy writes about how the handling has been tackled has an extensive look on Greenawalt’s passion for Forza as he regards this franchise as one that has turned gamers into car lovers and car lovers into gamers.

Forza Horizon will focus on community passion for cars with a broad and diverse group and the direction taken using music festival and social gaming. This new vibe is aimed at a feel good style of play with summer tunes to assist the gameplay, working with an unnamed DJ out in the UK, and Rob Da Bank on BBC1, the founder of Bestival. With three radio stations in the game containing different styles of music the DJ aspect will inform players of the races going on and talk to you about other competitors in the festival.

The handling is the same feel as Forza and there has been no attempt to change this familiar play, and the idea for it is that players can go high speed on the open road without any restrictions. The open world aspect is great for those who want to go smashing through fences and explore new areas and races. Introducing a game where you can keep on driving and it never ends gives the developers the opportunity to put circuits and point races somewhat anywhere.

Technically there has been many new demands, getting the right distance for things like the Red Rock Canyons and introducing incredible detail and this has been done with a new system called the ‘Uber LOD’. Forza Horizon will entail collecting cars much like previous games and different cars may be required for a lot of off-roading, as there are 65 different surface types to drive on. Only last week we looked at Forza Horizon night racing and the rewards along with an E3 video.

Available exclusively on Xbox 360 on October 23 worldwide Forza Horizon looks set to be another welcome addition to the series. Have the details of Forza Horizon added to your excitement for this upcoming release?