Wanted PS4 features will come at a price

With no sign of any announcement of the PS4 this year (even at GamesCom) this still does not stop the speculation as to what is wanted in the way of features. Having looked at so many of the features that fans hope to see implemented on the next-gen PlayStation we have to warn that they will come at a price.

One of the biggest issues that the PS3 had when it was first released back in November 2006 was its price. While it was considered the most powerful console along with having that Blu-ray player, the biggest issue holding it back was its price as Sony had priced the device out of the reach of millions of consumers.

Sony will need to be careful this time, yes they need to make a number of upgrades in order for it to be considered a decent enough leap over the current generation, but they also need to consider the cost factor, which is something that some of these so-called wish lists seems to forget about.

Backwards Compatibility is one feature that always gets brought up, and it’s obvious that those with a PS3 considering the upgrade to a PlayStation will want to play their PS3 games on the new console as they wait to build-up their new collection. Then again they would still like to play some of the PS2 classics as well, but then again Sony might be able to make these available via their recently purchased Gaikai.

As games get more complex and their engines become more powerful there will be a need for even bigger storage devices. While it would be nice to increase the size of the hard drive in the next PlayStation, it would be even better if Sony were to include an SSD instead, but again this would come at a price. This is never likely to happen because the price of these Solid State Drives refuse to fall at the rate that would make them more affordable, but the thought of a 1TB HDD might be a little to excessive.

We agree that the PlayStation 4 does need a faster processor and a more powerful GPU, but to argue that these are needed just to decrease load times would be foolish. Not sure increasing the price of the next-gen PlayStation just to decrease loading times would be a popular move, having more powerful hardware needs to be for the gaming aspect more than anything.

As for the price there is no denying that $600 would be suicide for Sony, but there have been a few suggestions that $500 would be a more likely target. However, in order to keep the fans happy and buy into the PS4 then $400 would be the sweet spot, would you agree?

  • http://www.facebook.com/marty8370 Martin Clarke

    2.5 hybid drive might be a good comprimise. I just bought 2 750gb drives, one for my PS3 and the other for my Lappie. Hybrid have perfermance not far off SSD’s.

  • anon

    Great article! And yes i 100% agree 400$ would be the sweet spot not only for gamers alike but for me. I just bought a ps3 a few days ago and not only do i have to hear rumors like “ps3 Super slim” i also have to deal with knowing ps4 will not be soon off. If you asked me to spend 500+ on a console right now id laugh and walk away. The ps4 just need to be balanced It has to just play in line with the xbox. If the ps4 comes out a year after the xbox does its shooting itself in the foot. As far as hardware depending on when it comes out it needs to be comparable if not better then the nextgen xbox and it needs a fair pricing.Anything beyond that will sell the console. This of coarse being a market strat for outselling xbox and not a strat for making a good machine but still when you got competition like the xbox you cant stand by and fade away.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ManatuBear Rodrigo Almeida

    Am i the only one who wants a console just for normal gaming?? I don´t need weird tablet controllers, moves or kinects.
    I don´t need backwards compatibility, i am not throwing my ps3 away if i buy a ps4.
    I don´t even need faster loading times, i dont mind waiting, if it is worth waiting for.
    All i need is good performance, constant 30fps and no screen tearing. Better graphics are always welcome, but i am happy with “uncharted 3/ last of us” level of graphics, other companies just need to get there too. 
    SONY, this time do enough research to foresee any possible problems… the ps3 ram bottleneck is unforgiveable… If you didnt want to spend more on RAM you could at least have it unified like the xbox…
    I would prefer to loose backward compatibility and other not so used features and pay for more ram. In 2014 (when the console comes out) i think that 16gb ram would be the equivalent to the 512mb in 2006.