Wii U needs third-part devs and old favorites

The notion that Nintendo requires more games in order to assist the sales of its upcoming Wii U console comes as no surprise and news that it needs third-party games and old favorites to get people interested is also good idea. Titles like Super Mario and the Legend of Zelda have recently been console selling games and more titles overall would assist the sales of the Wii U.

Relying on just first-party titles is not enough and the Wii’s third-party lineup was nothing to get excited about as Slash Gear report that once the novelty of motion gaming wore off and the first-party titles dried up, there was not much else to keep users entertained. This time around Nintendo should focus on third-party publishers and deliver not only solid first-party games, but allow other companies to offer up outstanding titles themselves.

Longevity of the console has been questioned and the arrival of Sony and Microsoft’s next gen consoles will be their biggest test, so it is worth investing in third party and old favorites, to stabilize consumer attention before the competition gets greater. In relation to this, Nintendo’s lead designer Shigeru Miyamoto highlights a couple of things he would like to see on the Wii U and this is documented in an article on CVG.

Referring to the possibilities of the Gamepad the prospect of Wii U releases for the Metroid and Star Fox series’ are what would really excite him, as the handheld option would fully utilize the features with a large amount of opportunities that could be implemented bringing many of their games to life in a unique fashion. Without divulging too much information, Miyamoto said he would personally like to see a Star Fox game on the Wii U.

In relation to this a couple of weeks ago we spoke about yet another Wii U price claim and concerns about the actual price have had many gamers demand a figure as it will be out in a few months, there is need to know whether to start saving up for it, which makes it harder if we don’t even know the price. Do you think that a decent third-party lineup and some old favorites would be the best way for the console to get really noticed?