Likely Xbox 720 system architecture

It wasn’t that long ago when some leaked documents showed some of the details of the Xbox 720 (if they call it that) and while some of us thought that it was just another one of those fake rumors, Microsoft seemed to stir the hornets nest because they put a stop to the file leaking out any further. In this file there were alleged documents that discussed the Xbox 720 system architecture, now this news seems very likely since a recent patent filed by Microsoft was located.

The patent now seem to confirm some of those leaked details of the Xbox 720 or Durango and what we are impressed with the most (if true) are the dual CPUs, as one will handle the game side of things while the other will deal with applications, which will be a huge part of the next-gen Xbox because it’s going to be far more than just a games console.

Gaming will still be the main part of the next Xbox, but if this does turn out to be true then the other upgraded social and multimedia functions will also become a major part of the console – we just hope that Microsoft are able to keep a perfect balance because they don’t want to upset core gamers, as there is a fear that the new system could lose what has made the Xbox so great over the years.

Looking at the filing here it does match what was leaked last month, but there are still one or two issues that we have with the document. Will Microsoft finally use a Blu-ray drive and 3D support? Before we get too carried away there’s still no mention of specs, but you can be sure that it will be more powerful than the Wii U, although we’re still not certain of those specs either as Nintendo seem to be keeping us waiting.

It had been assumed that Microsoft were to call their next-gen console Xbox 8, and while some recent domain names were handed over to Microsoft there’s still a strong possibility that 720 will be the name. However, Infinite is another good bet and does make sense when you look at the infinite possibilities that the next Xbox will have – well if all those rumors are true of course.