New Battlefield 3 weapon found in glitch

Having spent many hours with Battlefield 3 we all assumed that we had seen all the weapons available to us, but it seems as though we were wrong, as a new weapon has been found. If you find yourself without any C4 or even an RPG then you could consider a Med Pack. Now you may wonder how such an item usually associated with treating the injured could inflict pain on others.

The Assault Class Med Pack will be able to blast through walls thanks to a glitch in the game, which can be seen in the video below. All you need to make this happen is to throw the Med Pack at the wall and jump at the same time, you will see in the footage just how explosive it is as it took out an entire corner of a building.

You can see that the first attempt did not happen so just remember to aim a little higher and you should get it on the first try. We haven’t had time to try this little glitch out yet, so we’ll be interested to know if it worked for you

It’s hard to tell if this is a common issue or not because while the two guys knew what they were doing, it’s the first we and a number of BF3 players have heard of this happening. In the source article there is a debate going on as to the realism of Battlefield 3.

The reason for this is because fans of this game have argued with gamers who love Call of Duty that BF3 is far more realistic, but now COD fans have been saying that being able to blow up the side of a building with just a canvas bag isn’t realistic. However, do you think that a single glitch like this makes the game less realistic?

In other Battlefield 3 related news if you have subscribed to the Premium service then you’ll be pleased to know that you can begin to collect a new range of soldier upgrades, which you can see for yourself in the image above.


  • Garry

    This has been in since the alpha, this is so old and happens at certain points of structures because of how the destruction works.

  • Robert Boehm

    OLD glitch