Potential PS Vita games not realized

Those who own a PS Vita or like me have played on a friends will be impressed by this handheld device, although there has not been a great call for people like myself to make that extra step and go out and buy one just yet. This is not only to do with the price of the Vita or the cost of the memory cards, but mainly down to games as this device has great potential and more quality titles would help generate interest.

Waiting for the price of the PS Vita to drop is not something worth holding your breath for although a few more games may entice me to unleash the moths from my wallet, and echoing this sentiment PlayStation Universe lists some ideal games that would assist the handhelds sale figures. To be fair one of the more popular games on the Vita is Gravity Rush, which is an ideal title to complement the console.

After spending some time on the Vita it is plain to see that there is plenty of potential for it to do well and if you’re like me you waiting for more franchises to make an appearance titles like Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty are games to start the ball rolling. Big names like Grand Theft Auto, Monster Hunter and The Elder Scrolls are also machine sellers. Looking into games that can help sell more Vitas PSU has listed some we already know are coming out, others which have been speculated on in recent months and the ones on their wish list.

The first to mention is The Elder Scrolls as this would be an ideal franchise to boost Vita sales, along with Borderlands 2 although there is no news on either of these making their way yet. BioShock is one that has been promised although there is no official news of this and Call of Duty fans may find the Black Ops Declassified is a game that could entice them into purchasing a Vita, and a new version of Final Fantasy would give FF fans a reason to get involved. The confirmed Assassin’s Creed III Liberation with a female protagonist is a game that is destined to push up sales figures and Kingdom Hearts would be an ideal addition for the Vita.

It makes sense for Rockstar to bring out GTA and whether it is an exclusive version or something like the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V makes no real difference as this franchise is guaranteed to attract attention. Monster Hunter is a game that would be ideal game for the west and the east as this could bridge the gap with Japanese gamers. Other titles mentioned are God of War, Killzone, Gran Turismo, and new versions of classic Resident Evil games. Back in May, we looked at six games that could increase unit sales; do you have any advances on that? Is there a game we have not mentioned that would be ideal for the Vita?

  • Navonod17

    sly cooper, Jak and Daxter, Phantasy Star online, Tekken, Jet Grind Radio are also games that would sell.

  • Deathjr96

    Metal Gear and Resident Evil games that aren’t ports or re-releases, that’s what I’d love, and it would finally motivate me to get a vita. A new Kingdom Hearts would be great too, or a Devil May Cry game. There’s plenty of good titles that the Vita is ignoring so far

  • Valkyrine

    Nah! If you wait long enough you will get a price drop. I bought a PS3 last year for $249 and I have a huge library of games that got dirt cheap. Sure I waited but did not have to deal with broken systems over heating etc….

    Mark my words PS Vita will drop in price or go away. If it goes away then I did not waste a lot of money on something I can no longer purchase games for. 

    You want my money Sony. Let’s play the waiting game and see which one of us out last’s the  other.