Visualizing PES 2013 Game Modes

As a football fan there has only ever been two franchises in contention for me and that is FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. Over the years it been hard to ignore them both, and an annual intermittent interest has had me switch from one to the other. PES 2011 was one preferred over the last edition and this year’s FIFA 12 has been the current leader for many, so there is hope that the competition is stronger this year and PES makes a decent return.

Taking a look at some of PES 2013 game modes a spanking new video has been released today by Konami and runs for about five minutes giving fans an insight into the performance mode and online modes along with showing off myPES and Football Life. Documenting Konami’s popular football game giving FIFA competition over the years God Is A Geek comment on how good this edition looks and what will be expected from PES 2013.

With FIFA 13 due for release on September 25 in the US and 28 in Europe we are assured that PES 2013 will be released shortly after but have no official news of a date as yet, but we are sure that both versions will go head-to-head to see if Pro Evolution Soccer can close in on FIFA’s successful run. Yesterday we informed our readers of this video becoming available so now you can check it out for yourself as we have embedded it for your viewing pleasure.

Let us know what you think of the video, and what are you looking forward to in PES 2013? Maybe you have a few ideas about some changes that could improve the game.


  • Kayum1983

    Looks great cannot wait to get my hands on it! I have played the ps3 demo and have been impressed with the fluid gameplay so far and also with the improvement in passing and tackling. Nice work Konami!