Amazing Alex marketing key to success

There’s no denying the success that Rovio has had with its Angry Birds franchise, as they not only offer the most popular apps but a range of merchandise, such as toys and even speaker docks. However, in order for investors to take the IPO of Rovio seriously they need more variety and not just have all their eggs in one basket. We have known for a few months that they were working on something different, as they have acquired some companies along with their IPs.

With this is mind we’re happy to say that Rovio will finally release a gaming app other than Angry Birds, and that is Amazing Alex, which uses some of the same physics as the former game. Even before they prove to us how good the game is and why we should consider getting it tomorrow on our Android and iOS devices, marketing will be key to its success.

One of the best ways for Rovio to promote the game is by taking advantage of their big Angry Birds user base, which means that some of the ads that get served in the game will no doubt inform you about Amazing Alex. This will not only save them a huge amount of money on advertising, but will also guarantee that they are able to market a specific audience. Although they will need other forms of marketing in order to gain a new audience as well.

Currently not much is known about this new IP but hopefully the trailer below will be able to shed a little more light onto it. Will you be downloading Amazing Alex tomorrow?

Rovio are taking this IPO very seriously and are coming up with a multitude of other business efforts, in the fall they will be launching a new Saturday morning animated series. This certainly makes sense because look at the success of SpongeBob, so it makes sense for Rovio to tap into a new market. Not only that but they will also be making more of an effort in the book market as well, so looks as though they are trying to corner all the markets for their franchises.