Black Ops 2 antagonist in new promo

A new promotional trailer for Black Ops 2 shows the evil antagonist behind all this disruption in this highly anticipated game, and after the reveal footage of the taco-copters shown back in May and more recently imminent immolation of Los Angeles at last month’s E3, fans will finally get to see bad guy involved.

The plot is regarded as uncannily similar to Michael Bay’s film “The Rock,” as the villain is more of a revolutionary that has been disillusioned by his country, stealing some of America’s most deadly weapons and turning them against them. Explaining what’s involved in the new trailer the Wall Street Journal website also mention the Trent Reznor Soundtrack and a writing credit from one of the writers behind “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Trent Reznor, the former front man of Nine Inch Nails and Academy Award-winning composer has had recent acclaim for his work on The Social Network and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Reznor himself has voiced his desire to take the Call of Duty series in the darker, grittier direction that often epitomizes his music. More on the antagonist is investigated by The Escapist as they ask questions about who Raul Menendez is, and what’s his reasoning for wanting to blow up the world.

After watching the video and reading their article I realized that the Captain is that fella plays Candyman, which was bugging me, hindering my vision of what is really going on, but after this minor satisfaction was dealt with it was easy to concentrate on the brief video that lasts about a minute and a half. In this the Captain speaks about Raul Menendez who is apparently the peoples hero that is going to destroy the world and his last line says, “he doesn’t need his own weapons he’s got ours”, which adds intrigue to the cool looking trailer.

In other relevant Black Ops 2 news, only recently we wrote a post concerning the general manager of Battlefield 3, Karl Magnus taking a swipe at the next Call of Duty title. Saying that Black Ops 2 will not innovate by just changing the era, calling for an overall change and this is seen to be a case of those living in glasshouses not throwing stones. Back to the original news, those who want to see the new promo video need look no further as we have embedded it below, so let us know what you think of it and your impression of the evil revolutionary.