Controversial PS4 and Xbox 720 unwanted titles

Those of you who are tired of sequels and are in need for more innovation concerning the next generation of games may agree with a recent article controversially listing some unwanted titles and less repeats, although we are sure that there are many in the list that you would definitely not like to see disappear altogether.

The author stresses that a good sequel is always going to be a healthy addition and this is sometimes implemented when the developers have listened to feedback and made improvements, adding more to an existing franchise. Bringing out a sequel just because the last one was pretty good is not enough to continue what may have been a captivating story, and the article on We See In Pixels delivers a harsh and controversial outlook to some popular games on their list of unwanted.

This is where some people need reminding that variety is the spice of life and that something you that you are not particularly keen on may be doing well and we don’t all have the same taste otherwise the world would be a pretty boring place. However, the list includes many titles that will contain some fan favorites and the response to this is probably what was envisioned when this was written.

There is an understanding that while developers are concentrating on Final Fantasy 250 they could be producing something new and unique, although if something is not broken then there is no need to fix it. In the list of unwanted titles many popular games are mentioned such as Halo, Assassins Creed, Gears, Final Fantasy, Ghost Recon, Uncharted and Call of Duty and the inclusion of Angry Birds gives us reason to believe these titles are chosen because they are doing well.

Some may agree with a few of those listed, although no real explanations were given for these choices and although certain titles mentioned could have justified reasoning for them to die out generally, they all have a quality that sells. Talking about the future of a gaming, yesterday we spoke about the so-called Xbox 720 and the system architecture as this next generation Xbox is expected to be more than just games console. Before this, we covered the sort of features wanted for the PS4 and that the amount of requirements made by gamers could mean that the next-gen PlayStation may come at a price.

What games and franchises do you think we can do without as we move on to next gen consoles? Let us know which titles you want to see continue or be remade.