Dead Trigger, in-game purchasing done right

It has been fair to say that many titles designed for the mobile platform have the casual gamer in mind, and although the likes of Angry Birds and Temple Run are addictively good fun, it is nice to see a title like Dead Trigger come out to accommodate gamers. When you look at the likes of Max Payne, Shadowgun and Duke Nukem, you can see that this is becoming more apparent, but decent games like Final Fantasy III still feel like a port.

The notion is that it is not easy to produce a game designed for a controller and translate it to touch-control without an extensive redesign, and in a review by Android Police, they regard Dead Trigger as the most fun ever playing an Android game. They hit in issues with a growing market for ports and console franchise spin-offs highlighting Need For Speed, Dead Space and Mass Effect and feel these title lack replay value along with a feeling that these games are rarely as good as the console versions.

In their conclusion, they are glad to see that Madfinger has put together a healthy balance of casual fun and true gamer appeal with Dead Trigger, and for a dollar this is great value. Expecting casual gamers to go for the in-app purchases to shortcut their way through, they have no concern with the idea of using real money to buy fake money and Madfinger has given the option to ignore that option, which is what they regard as in-game purchasing done right.

A description of the game is explained on Google Play and briefly, this involves killing hordes of bloodthirsty zombies, securing vital supplies, saving survivors, exploration to maintain a safe environment and uncover the truth in this intense FPS action game. Great graphics with full 3D characters are on offer with quality audio and a lively soundtrack.

Also available for $0.99 on the iPhone 3 and upwards through the iTunes App Store this title is accessible on iPad iOS 4.2 or later, and comes with a restriction age of at least 17 years old to download this app. If you like Madfinger’s games, this could be the ideal addition to your mobile. Did you enjoy Shadowgun?