Fan made PS3 Super Slim concept

During GamesCom there are two things that are likely to happen, either Sony will offer details on their PS4 or announce the release of the PS3 Super Slim, if we had to choose then it would be the latter. We already know that there is a smaller version, but it’s nothing like the size reduction that we saw with the PS2. Gamers have so many ideas about how Sony will go with the design, but could the image we have below be one of the better ones?

Although we know that the image (thanks to this source) is just a concept drawing at it basic it is still something to consider. We can clearly see a new disc loading system, so instead of just inserting your game disc into a slot there is a flip top instead, which although looks pretty cool could come with its own issues.

Although the power consumption would be reduced, there is a fear that the mechanism could cost more than what is currently being used. Personally we prefer the current disc loading system because the flip loader will give the PS3 a much cheaper look, but then again that’s what Sony is aiming for because this could be the cheaper alternative to the PlayStation 4.

Another reason why we have a concern for this concept is because it’s too similar to the PS2, but are we more worried about this or what Sony can offer in terms of reducing its size, power consumption and more importantly its price? However, we do think that it looks more like the current PlayStation 3 but with a flip top lid, what do you think?

Now before you start to say how fake this is and you could have created a better concept drawing yourself, you need to remember that this particular one was drawn following the details from a recent patent of the CECH-4000 model PS3, which we recently reported. That particular document had all what was needed to create a concept, such as dimensions and limited specification.

What do you expect from the PS3 Super Slim, if Sony release one?

  • Evilguy123

    maybe 802.11 ac wifi? 

  • Pollux777

    Wow it just looks like a PS3 slim but… slimer than the slim… Outstanding.