FIFA 13 goal-line technology possibility

It seems like goal-line technology is on its way with talk about it being introduced to the English Premiership within this next season, so we were wondering if this is also going to be adapted to FIFA 13 or future installments. Trying out two systems known as Hawk-Eye and GoalRef it will be interesting to see which is used as the first competition to embrace this technology will be December’s Fifa Club World Cup.

If it is a successful, it will also be implemented at the 2013 Confederations Cup and 2014 World Cup although the Premier League want it as soon as possible. Tottenham fans may remember that infamous “goal that never was” by Pedro Mendes when Man Utd’s Roy Carroll scooped the ball from inside the goal with game ending 0-0. Situations like this come around very rarely and Sepp Blatter current President of FIFA seemed to dismiss this technology when England’s Frank Lampard scored against Germany in the 2010 World Cup.

Germany had a similar shout for this going against them when England won in 1966 so some may feel this has evened out, although many England fans may feel that this decision has been focused on since John Terry recently cleared a goal from over the line at this year’s European Cup. BBC Sport report on this being introduced in the Premier League midway through the 2012-13 season after it was approved by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) in Zurich.

The Hawk-Eye uses six cameras, focusing on each goal, to track the ball on the pitch, with “triangulation” to pinpoint the exact location of the ball. Once it crosses the goal-line, an encrypted radio signal is sent to the referee’s wristwatch to indicate a goal has been scored, and this whole process takes less than a second to complete. GoalRef uses a microchip implanted in the ball and the use of low magnetic waves around the goal, and the system then detects any change in the magnetic field on or behind the goal-line to determine if a goal has been scored. This also takes less than one second, which is ideal to keep the momentum of the game, with the result electronically relayed to the referee.

With the GoalRef microchip questions could still be asked about whether the whole ball has crossed the line or whether the part of the ball with the chip in managed to stay on or behind the line considering there is not much chance that the receptor will be dead centre of a sphere of air. The need for this technology may be warranted even though the occurrence of this situation arising is not common, but many have been calling for this for years and if we have the technology we should use it.

Introducing this to a video game is not something that is a main concern and highlighting a situation where this could happen must be even rarer, although the FIFA franchise is introducing a more realistic and familiar feel to every game. In relation to this, we recently wrote about FIFA 13 immortalizing Lionel Messi as he returns on the cover of this season’s installment and we asked what you would like to see in FIFA 13. Today we are interested in your thoughts of goal-line technology being implemented in the sport and the game, or do you like the win some lose some aspect where you can blame the human element involved?

  • Onyangomaxwell

    they have nothing good to add on gameplay.

  • Salviikidd22

    what if the ref dont count an offside

  • Muffin878

    They should develop off-sides, when you have 2 players one near the line and another over, if you pass the ball to the former it counts as an off-side.