Finding new Skyrim Dawnguard rings for vampires

Having spent over two weeks with Skyrim Dawnguard players have now started to go off the track a little and started to explore a little more, although this is still far better to do with the main part of the game. However, there are side quests to the first DLC that are pretty good on their own and if you have chosen to be a vampire then finding two rings to improve your vampirism will be very important for you, as you need all the powers you can get your hands on to protect you against the Dawnguard.

We would like to remind you that these are rares, which means they are very special. The two rings are the Ring of Beast and Erudite and to initiate being able to locate these rings you will need to ask anyone in castle Volkihar how you can help, which they will then send you to someone.

You will have to do three side quests; once you have done these you will then be able to acquire these ancient blood magic rings, once you have these one will give you an extra 100 health in Vampire Lord form while the other will increase your magic. These two rings will be worth finding in order to make it much easier to defeat your enemy.

There is some disagreement as to how rare these are because some fans have been saying that they found these the first day they started to play Dawnguard, as well as pointing out that there are also two necklaces as well to collect.

Although these a rare items they are only good if you are a low level, so if you are of a higher level then you’ll need to find something else in order to improve your health and damage.