First Diablo 3 expansion needed

Blizzard used to be a developer/publisher that we could trust to bring us a good game, but we have seen with the release of Diablo 3 that we all have our off days. Before the game was released the expectations were very high but as time went on we could see the cracks appearing even before the public got a chance to get their hands on the game. Then came the release and issues with the servers made gamers hate the fact that they had to have an always-on connection in order to play the game, something which we were told would make it less likely to have security issues.

Now that the dust has settled and there are no such sever issue there are now other worries, and that is the number of in-game players seems to be falling at a huge rate, we first thought this to be the same as what most other games get once the initial excitement has worn off and then it would level itself out. However, the numbers keep falling at an alarming rate and they show no signs of coming back.

In an informative article it looks into these falling numbers and how the fans have been trying to bury their heads in the sand, but the numbers pretty much speak for themselves. Now one has to wonder what Blizzard can do in order to turn things around and there have been suggestions that the first Diablo 3 expansion is needed.

Would player numbers increase if there were fresh new content or an expansion? This is a pretty tough question to answer but some gamers have been saying that they have finished what content is available to them and need more, just like Bethesda has done with Skyrim and their Dawnguard DLC. However, that game has been out for much longer than Diablo 3.

Has greed on Blizzard’s part spoiled the game? If they did not spend as much time creating the Real Money Auction House and more time on the development of the game itself then would we even be discussing this issue right now? There is a fear that all an expansion would do is give the game a quick fix, all the while the underlying problems will still be there. So you can see that Blizzard has a lot of work to do in order to keep the fans happy, although there are those who don’t share these ideas and believe that Blizzard has done a pretty decent job, but are you one of them?

  • Samuel Rosenbalm

    Yep, I am one of them.

    I love Diablo 3 and so do the people I play with. There are still millions playing, you just don’t see them in public games, anymore, and for obvious reasons.

    Diablo 3 was a resounding success for Blizzard already, and given time, the game will be patched and expounded on and the player base will grow.

    • Ryan_jodrey

      lol……ur dillusional my friend…i like how you still hold the torch well you drown but this game is dead and nothing you say or what you believe is gonna save it unless there is a total recall and last i checked thats in the movies…anyways hold the faith i geuss.

    • Jing

      What an idiot. Continue living in your dream. D3 is failing

  • Ybujji

    For me the game is done. There are so many fundamental flaws in the game and it’s design that no expansion nor patch can ever fix it. Jay Wilson is to blame.

  • Mike_rog

    I am still enjoying the game, mostly because I still have friends to play with. I think if blizzard were to give valid feedback to the community there wouldn’t be so many angry gamers.

     I’m playing through hardcore hell right now, and I’ve played over 250hrs in soft-core, and so whatever my other reservations may be with the game it has definitely been worth $60. Most games out there are worse than D3, people are only complaining because its Blizzard.

  • F Blizzard

    Die Blizzard. The sooner the better.

  • Martinlarsen59

    i must say a expansion is needed real quick else they will loose d3, but im thinking do they care ? they made alot of money from the millions who bought it, would a expansion be able to help or will it be a waste of money one blizzard behalf ??? but ya i play d3 1 times a week and 4 days im on forum i used to play d2 24/7 and im gonna install it again

  • DivineVisitior

    I was pretty excited about the release of Diablo 3 but must admit it has been a bit of a disappointment. Diablo and Diablo 2 had a feel to it, a mood which i feel is lacking in Diablo 3. It’s just not that good a game. I’ve already stopped playing to do being bored with it which wasn’t the case in Diablo 2 which i played for years trying out the different characters, builds and finding interesting unique items. Diablo 3 loot is just a slot machine in comparison.

  • Krrip

    How much I missed D2, making D3 more like artificial.

    To me, D2 (again) was an honest to God developed. The guys who works for D2, and Matt Uelman who invented the Tristram symphony. D2 was a great game, that made D3 left in shame.

    Blizzard ultimately MIGHT change things round with the expansion. When we started talking about expansion NOW when the game is only about 3 months old from the day of its release, there’s something WRONG to that.

    I believe that adding more quests, acts, or even new classes will not solve the problem, if the end game is all about to find a better gear to survive and the Auction House is where they want us to take advantage of it instead of loot, so that they make more money.

    Auction House destroys Diablo world, inside out. They created this dicease and feeding it like a pet.

    I’m thinking, if they shut down Auction House, D3 would be a great game.