Mass Effect 3 Earth DLC, N7 Classes and weapons

Yesterday BioWare announced more multiplayer DLC for Mass Effect 3 and that this one will be titled ‘Earth’, so we thought it would be a good idea to see what is available from the sparse information on offer. Apparently, a new game mode was also announced called Platinum but other than leaked details nothing has been officially divulged.

The DLC will be free and available on the 17th of July yet this information may only apply to the Xbox 360 at present and reporting on leaked details concerning the N7 Classes and weapons MP1st write about how they come across this. Forum user Gibbed, spotted these particulars available in the new Earth-based multiplayer content and the classes are highlighted on the MP1st website along with weapons such as the Typhoon light machine gun, Piranha assault shotgun and the Acolyte pistol.

Reaction to the rumored classes means many fans are looking forward to obtaining this DLC and some have mentioned other speculative reports like Bioware also adding Platinum Difficulty, and gamers are hoping to experience this sooner rather than later. Although opinion is divided as far as releasing the Extended Cut many gamers are glad that the new content has been released yet there are more questions that still need answering and a couple of weeks ago we wrote about the potential new Mass Effect 3 DLC spoiler.

Do you feel that the many unanswered questions will give BioWare the opportunity to add more in potential for new ME3 DLC? Alternatively, do you think this could this be an ideal stepping-stone for Mass Effect 4?