Rating Final Fantasy 3 on Android

Can you remember way back to 1990 when Final Fantasy III was released, well 22 years on the game has been given a new lease of life by being released on the Android platform. Now while we’re never going to get the same experience as you would have done back then because of how novel it all was, there’s no denying that this updated version has so much more to offer, more so if you are to play the game on the new Galaxy S3.

This smartphone has one of the best displays in its market and when you have games like Final Fantasy 3 or some of the awesome racing titles, then the S3 certainly comes into its own. Only recently an Android user gave his take on the game on Google Play and gave it 5 stars, as did a Nexus S owner as well.

There does seem to be a difference of opinion because while some Android users state that the game can be finished in an hour, others suggest that this is wrong and will take far longer to complete. The reason for the confusion is because the opening credits only start once you have completed the first hour of the game, only then will the true part of the game begin, so it’s easy to see why there has been some confusion.

While it’s easy to say just how great Final Fantasy 3 for Android is this will be little comfort to those unwilling to pay out $16, as they have the DS version. We can understand this issue, but it’s not until you get to see this app running on the Galaxy S3, Nexus and the large Note that you truly get to see just how awesome the game can be. Okay $16 is a lot of money for an app, but when you consider how much you pay for a 3DS title it’s not that bad after all.

Some of you may wonder why Final Fantasy III was chosen to be released on the Android platform and not one of the others, and the answer is that this was said to be one of the most innovate of the series.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BPOVXQ7INAGTJD3H2FOX5RPEZA jjkiz78

    This is a total b/s story. Pehaps the writer should read a little futher in to Wikipedia, The game was released in Japan ONLY for the NES 1990. It was never released outside of Japan until 2006 when it was ported to the Nintendo DS with the updated graphics we see in the Android Version today. The current price of the DS title is $9.99 on the at Best Buy, ect. This game has been available on the iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone for the last 2 years, with a cheaper price. This is more like a plug for the Galaxy S III. And anyone that has played a Final Fantasy game, anyone in the series know that one hour Final Fantasy game is a joke, and has never occured. This games release on Android is nothing but ‘fan service’ as Japan is getting a release on the Playstation Portable, which can be hooked to any digital TV and played full screen on a TV with a cable.

    Bad article, lots of wrong information, the writer should fact check before publishing on the web.

    • Bpk225

      a final fantasy player knows that 3 was most assuredly released, just not named so. all the numbers got rearranged when released in america in a rather silly fashion. a final fantasy *never* being released until 16 years after creation? stop the crack, man.

  • Bpk225

    the game is definitely enjoyable, still expensive for an app, but if you want final fantasy ON YOUR FRICKIN PHONE, well now you can get it. especially if youre not an apple junkie. i have a casio commando and it runs perfectly acceptably.

    also, “innovative,” not “innovate.” sorry, pet peeve of mine.