Batman prequel an Xbox 720 and PS4 release

With the success surrounding titles like Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, it is only wise that another Batman game is on the cards and a prequel would be a fitting way to mark such a popular franchise. Rocksteady Studios has its sights set on the caped crusader entering the next generation with an Xbox 720 and PS4 release, so it looks like Batman will be back on the consoles within the next two years.

A report from Variety mentions this being and eventuality for consoles worldwide and will apparently be set during the Silver Age of DC Comics. This will go into more detail concerning the first encounter between Batman and his future nemesis the Joker. Examiner document the wait for this as it will not be released until sometime during 2014, so don’t go expecting much more on this anytime soon.

Mark Hamill, who is the voice actor for the Joker has already said that he will not be involved in this role as he has had enough of it, and although there is no official release date for this prequel the time it is expected will be around the same time these next generation consoles are set to come out.

Back in November last year we wrote about the success of Batman: Arkham City although we also highlighted some issues with jerk cameras, climbing problems occurring on various structures and the way the camera often switches to different angles. Other issues were found with save files vanishing from the Xbox 360 including some problems with the DLC. Did you have many faults with Batman: Arkham City? What would you like to see in the prequel?