Possible O2 service fix no use to gamers

We’re now into the second day of the O2 network still being down and while the service is still down for some, others have started to notice that their signal problems have been resolved. If you are still having issues then there’s no need to worry because there is a fix, but if you are on the go and rely on 3G while gaming then this fix is not going to help you, but at least you could get your all-important signal back.

Having looked into this a little we have found a solution that could get your signal back once again but it requires you to turn your 3G off. So go into settings, general, network and then just turn 3G off. We tried this for ourselves and the solution worked, which is great, but not if you’re a gamer.

Now if you need to connect to the Internet in order to play certain games, such as Farmville or even online bingo then this fix will be no use to you if you are not near a Wi-Fi hotspot, as you will not be able to use O2’s 3G network in order to send or receive data. But is tending to your crops as important as making or receiving a call or sending texts to people or business associates?

O2 has not said how long their network will be down in the affected areas, but we’re already hearing that O2 customers are asking for some sort of compensation. It’s not good to be paying for a service only for it not to be made available to you.

Did this fix work for you?