GTA 5 fan tolerance tested again, 2013 release likely

Rockstar are starting accumulate some intolerance with fans anticipating news of GTA V’s release this year, as the company has recently spoke out about them being in no position to show more on the game at present, and is not expected anytime soon. Reassuring fans that the development of Grand Theft Auto V is going well, we are skeptical about the time of its release.

Apologizing for the long gaps between asset releases on previous games Rockstar reveal that this will continue in the future, and this is due to their commitment to give gamers the correct information. This is not the only reason, because holding a certain amount back is ideal for delivering the element of surprise, assuring the gamer’s response is one of amazement and astonishment rather than something that has been expected.

The realization that we won’t be getting any substantial news on GTA 5 anytime soon leaves us thinking this game is more likely to be releasing in 2013 as opposed to sometime this year, and with this in mind the question would be when next year, as the next-gen consoles could be with us then. In addition, if Grand Theft Auto V does release in the same year as the next Xbox or the PS4, surely the install base is much larger on the current console, which will means Rockstar will still sell more copies of the game on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 instead of the next-gen consoles.

On reflection is seems like Rockstar are nowhere near completing this game by the lack of communication from the developer, and little to show in the way of gameplay, so we are not expecting GTA V release anytime in 2012. Only yesterday we showed our readers 2 screenshots to wet their appetite and discussed fans concerns about Rockstar’s stance on not giving up any information until it is 100 percent correct, and these couple of screenshots seem to be a bit of an open handed gesture for those waiting to see a trailer.

Do you think that a 2013 release for Grand Theft Auto 5 is on the cards? Maybe you feel that the next-gen consoles will come a while after.

  • Mikelee_surfer7

    Next gen consoles (I think anyways) won’t be showing up for at least another two years… More precisely, 2014 or early 2015. But late 2013 would be pushing it

    • Mikelee_surfer7

      Anyone remember the famous “No More Load Screens” with xbox n ps3… Next gen stuff has a long way to go. With newer and bigger tech. Comes higher failer rates… So bleh gta v is gonna be dope

      • Ill2down

        I can’t wait to see what next gen would be capable of, And what the next GTA for next gen would be like, OMG IT WOULD BE MINDBOGGLING!!! I’m gonna start pestering R* with what I wanna see for GTA 6 lol

        • Yeeeeeup.

          If you really want to see what next gen consoles will look like, find the best resolution video of the best looking game you can think of, topped out on someones PC max settings. A game like Just Cause 2, or Arma 2, or even GTA IV. If you build your own computer with top of the line parts, it’s about the same as what next gen consoles will have.

  • England

    GTA V will be released anywhere between March and June 2013. There are a lot of games getting released this winter and it won’t be a good idea for rockstar to release this game in 2012. 

    • Coolbigbox

      gta is the same as call of duty. it will over shadow other games. it doesn’t matter when it is released

      • Ill2down

        GTA V would blow CoD out of the water if they sold around the holiday season, many people would realize they are getting the same thing every year with CoD. GTA is the absolute king of video games, no argument. If R* wanted to, they could release holiday season to purposely give the finger to CoD and activision,but its not their “style”, and no next-gen release, next gen would be closer to the end of 2013 or very early 2014, Sony and Microsoft is going to milk the current gen consoles down to the bone, and also the rumors of a slimmer PS3 means Playstation will again dominate sales, if the extra slim ps3 is true, they will cash in like crazy

    • Randall Mittman

      Your a R-tard, other games have pushed there release dates back because they dont wanna release near GTA because it wood f*** up there sales……….R* is a juggernaut and they are not affraid of anybody 

  • Shelf

    Remember when the trailer for gta 5 came out there were loads of may 24th rumours so it may be may 24th 2013

  • skeighta4life_360flipping

    As i’ve said before… testing of this game began at the beginning of this year…. all that is left to do is work out the bugs and glitches. with a game the size of this, they can’t put a time frame on release, because its like looking for a needle in a haystack. 

    • Coolbigbox

      and your evidence for your made up argument?

      • skeighta4life_360flipping

        google, rockstar north offer dream job, it should be a scotland news article posted january 8th 2012. believe what you want, but that happened, and gta is in testing

    • Randall Mittman

      Oh yeah because your a R* employee and you wood know……….idiot

      • skeighta4life_360flipping

        google, rockstar north offer dream job, it should be a scotland news article posted january 8th 2012. believe what you want, but that happened, and gta is in testing

  • Londonmikel

    the game is comming out in october just be patient

    • Teddynatter

      no its not thats just a rumor like everything else just think, theyve only made 1 trailer and you saying it comes out in october is 5 months away and previous gta’s have multiple trailerers with gaps in time betwenn them

      • jimmybob 26

        and the 2013 release date is a rumour as well and maybe they are gonna release the trailer at Gamescom and more in september and some in october and they could be using a different tactic  

        • Samuel Lee Scott

          you do realise the official oxm magazine was out recently and I work at the shop there and on it said GTA V released october. so its 90% going to be that date. reason for 90% and not 100% is they could recall the date.

  • xXbloodsuckerXx

    im 70% sure they are gonna release it in 2012 and 30% in 2013 because CRISIS 3 is gonna be released in spring 2013 and and METAL GEAR RISING around march-may 2013 AND  the most successful games are gonna be released in 2013.sources allegedly close to the developer told GameSpot
    that the tite is “well under way”, with final touches like mini-games
    already being applied, and a 2012 release “pretty likely”.so R* probably gonna release it in October 23 or November 2 2012

    • hello

      and they could be putting or changing so stuff on cars and stuuf like that and testing it as well.

      • xXbloodsuckerXx

        i think  they are testing it and fixing bugs because they want it to be the best GTA ever and they said that GTA V will have the biggest map in GTA history but im sure the game is finished and like you said im sure they are testing it

      • Allenro35

        They are still recording audio

  • Matt

    I’m being patient about the release date I just don’t want to see it get released later than the summer of 2013. I’m fine with the fact that they are taking a while to finish/ make this game as long as it is an awesome game. I just wish they would release more information on the game besides 2 screenshots.

  • Henryldixon

    i mean i thought the game was gone get released in 2012 but since its gone be released in 2013 i can wait that long kind of but yall doin a good job i see yall workin hard on gta 5 and tryin to make it look good in stuff and when it do get release everybody gone want to get it because it looks realistic and amazing and theres awhole lot to it that makes people like the game

  • Randall Mittman

    This will be the LAST good game on current generation consoles i think, but oh will it be GOOD

    • Niall

      you say ” This will be the Last good game on current generation consoles” tern question ” will it be GOOD”  makes no sence lol

      • Learntoread

        Read it again, they’re making a statement, not a question

      • Romario Lavussa

        he writes “BUT OHH will it be good” not just ‘will it be good.’ read carefully. its not a question

      • Dave Karto

        He said WILL it be good. That’s a question regardless. I’m sure he meant IT will be good. Which is a statement. Seriously guys.

  • Ellboy99

    Honestly this site is complete BS.

    Every single one of your articles has mentioned the likelihood of a release in 2012. Now you tell us (without hinting that you may of mislead readers) that the game is likely to be released in 2013. Sure you didn’t guarantee anything, but you completely mislead readers.

    You are part of group of people who Rockstar two days came out saying, “false information and rumours”. Learn to report the truth, or at least information with a high probability of surfacing before you post it online at the top of the google search,

  • Officialjarealjuicy

    Everyone needs to just chill, I’ll bet money that gta 5 will be released before the end of this year and the reason for that is cuz they already released a trailer for it in November of last year it’s been about 8 or 9 months, not including the 4 years they’ve had since they finished gta 4 I’m just almost positive its coming before the year ends. I mean they’ve had sooooo much time to work on this mottherfucker!!!!!!

    • mongolianbob

      they worked on red dead after gta 4 so they have only had 2 years and they need at least a 3 year dev cycle and the fact is they have no time left to raise enough pre-orders because games like to at least 25 weeks after they tell the release date

      • Hello

        red dead was made by a different team so gta v had 4 years to work on it 

  • Adam Watkins

    try 2014…Christmas

    • mongolianbob

      are you stupid the new gen consoles are coming in december 2014 and they said its launching on this gen so yeah i think may 14 2013 as a release date

  • Ryan Richert

    I’m sure it won’t come out until 2014.  They probably want it to be the best game possible and make sure everything is interactive and real as possible.  Which would be smart two because that would be a 10 year anniversary of GTA San Andreas.  I also think they want to make the game for all consoles and portable devices so they can make as much money as possible.  I bet they are also trying to make it for Xbox Connect.  Another reason their delaying the game is probably a good 3D conversion for the PS3.  Another big reason could be that the game is too big for one disk or a download on your hardrive on Xbox Live Marketplace and PS3 Marketplace.  They might have to split the game into two or 3 parts on all separate disks with a 4 disk for the Multiplayer.  So many reasons.  Lets just see what happens, but I don’t think we won’t be seeing anything new from GTA 5 for quit a while as of what Rockstar is saying which really sucks, but hey, I’d rather wait a couple years for the game instead of them rushing the game out for a release date and having the Rockstar team regret not taking their time on it and having less opportunities for the fans Playing In Los Santos with Limited open interactivity like GTA 4.  I think they want the game to be huge but they just don’t know how to put it on Consoles with Extreme graphics and too much big space for for the gamers that could effect their hard drive.  I Hope Rockstar tries to make the best game as possible without having complainant’s by fans when it comes to graphics, not much interactivity, and Complications with glitches, disk space, and so on.  Good Luck Rockstar!  I sure hope you make it fair and satisfying for all fans. 

  • Bl_avenga

    new title sleeping dogs will last a few months in august. i think it wil be great


    I think it is coming 2013, maybe 2014. I have no idea how they are going to put these graphics in current generation consoles, and if they do so it would take like 4-5 disc for the Xbox 360 and a whole Bluray disc for the PS3, not to mention the space it would take on your hard drive.

  • blikman

    December or early October 2012 are the best release dates for GTA5 

  • Tyson

    first is “realised in 2012 then they say 2013” WTF they change dates everytime

  • Brandon

    No, October 25. If not the twenty-fifth, definitely in October.

  • Brandon

    At least that’s what I think. But that’s just me. What y’all think?

  • Markj

    I work for rockstar and can confirm it will be March 13 2015.

    • Mike

      Anyone could write that.

    • Teddybear

      if is is 2015, why did they mention it in 2011? surely it would be a better time to announce it in 2014? why would gamescom have it in their teailer? why would GTA announce that they would reveal a lot more info at gamescom? also, why would GTA that completion level is applicable for a 2012/13 release? 

      before you start aimlessly trolling, get your facts and figures in order. otherwise, you look like a failed douche

      • Teddybear

        (…gamescom have it on their) trailer*

  • Rufas2471

    markj is probably lying   

    • Axelmarkussen

      well we will see.

  • Lnr619

    gta 6 should be in biloxi mississippi

    • Jh88

      gta 7 should be in minneapolis minnesota 

  • Anonymous

    I think it will arrive in October, because I’ve already seen proof. There was a resume for a game designer that showed the release date was 10/2012. So new info in September.

  • 941

    The 2 new screen shots look a lot like GTA 4
    RockstarGames = waste man 

  • Antoniocarswell

    If Rockstar don’t come out with this game this i’m going to be sooooo so so so mad 

  • Antonio

    If Rockstar don’t come out with this game this year im going to be so mad   2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 _2013_ 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012

  • Cloakster

     I really hope this does NOT come out in 2012. Rockstar would have to rush the game to get it to come out that soon and that is something I do not want to happen. April 2013 makes perfect sense based on past history and the lack of details released so far.

  • noober suckston

    :/ Seriously. Can we just all state that it’ll release BETWEEN Fall 2012 and Summer 2013?

  • hereswhatithink

    i don’t think that GTA 5 will be a “next gen” release for these reasons:
    1, it wold be stupid to do so. people aren’t willing to spend 300-600 on a new console and then 40-60 on a new game. in today’s financial situation, that would be stupid.
    2, people already have a PS3 and Xbox 360, so why bother making it on something only a few people will initially own? it would make no sense.
    3, people aren’t sure what the PS 4 and Xbox 720 (if that’s their names) will be like so how can rock* make a game for something that doesn’t exist yet and may not even come out until 2014-15. 
    that was long but i think that is the case and reason for why it wont come out on next gen. fell free to disagree or even question it 😀 

  • Anon2k

    I cannot tell you where I work, however I can tell you that a 14th-17th November 2012 slot is open for GTA 5 for release.