Horrendous FIFA 13 collaboration with Arsenal

When I think back to some of the monstrous goalkeeping tops David Seaman had to endure in his Arsenal days there is a part of me that feels a ponytail and a moustache is not the worst combination ever seen on a football pitch. It seems like the poor old Gunners have been picked out again as the number one shirt is not the only thing fans are not pleased about.

When Man City decided to bring back their red-and-black striped design last worn in 1967, these shirts were revealed through FIFA 12, and Arsenal’s new purple-and-black alternate kit is being advertised in the similar way and picture of this can be seen on Kotaku. The goalkeepers kit is the one to look out for in a lovely pink.

Personally, I have seen worst but the goalkeeper shirt is a shocking pink and it’s not as if it is just a jersey, as the whole kit is pink. The only good thing about this is that many top strikers may be put of by a keeper dressed like Mr Blobby’s aunty, thus giving Arsenal an advantage. In other FIFA 13 news, we recently spoke about the introduction of goal-line technology coming to the beautiful game and suggested whether this could be a possibility for the likes of FIFA 13 and future titles.

Before that, we spoke about the current best footballer in the world and how FIFA 13 is set to immortalize Lionel Messi being on the cover of the upcoming game. In relation to Arsenal’s hideous kit, have you like me found that some kits in the current game aren’t quite right? The Italian national kit is just one example. What else do you think could be improved with FIFA 13?

  • John

    This is the regular away kit, not an alternative kit.

  • Bjohnty

    There should be an option to change kits like in PES as many Arsenal fans would rather make up a retro yellow one or use a previous seasons shirt.