Inspiration for BF3 Bandar Desert discussed

With some informative explanations from one of the designers at DICE, we are able to get some insight into the inspiration for Bandar Desert in Battlefield 3. This is the new map in the Armored Kill DLC and apparently, it is the biggest map in the history of the game, so we are intrigued about the elements involved in preparation for the expansion pack that will be coming in September.

When it come to ideas about a third expansion pack for Battlefield 3 that would follow up the infantry focused Close Quarters, designer Inge Jøran Holberg discussed with his colleagues how good it would be to re-create Atacama Desert and Arica Harbor from Bad Company 2 in the ever improving Frostbite 2 engine. Documenting this Battlefield Official Blog highlight the need for gamers to experience bigger maps such as El Alamein and Fushe Pass and paying attention to forum comments have inspired their actions.

After seeing that the loyal fanbase expected larger maps the idea was to try to convince the management. Soon after Producer Björn Johnsson came back with news they had all been waiting for and that was to go big, and after seeing the real Bandar Desert area, the inspiration of the desert scenery got the team really excited. Thoughts then were directed at how the best parts of the gameplay on Atacama could be introduced, and with large maps, as there are so many possibilities to implement new things.

Being able to plan when encountering enemy tanks and more chance to retreat and regroup are just a few things to bring in, along with the opportunity to dig in if opposition is too strong, as well as perform large flanking maneuvers or get support from friendly air units. These are just a few things mentioned including some major requirements for Bandar Desert that are listed on their blog, not to mention a big thanks to all of those who delivered constructive feedback on Battlefield 3.

Last month we wrote about new types of vehicles in BF3: Armored Kill such as ATVs, destroyers, mobile artillery and tanks, although some responses comment about DICE increasing the number of jets we can have in a map and different kinds as well, along with a bigger incentive for capturing a flag. Some questions have been asked about the cost of DLC adding to the price of the actual game. Do you think the cost of DLC should be reduced, if not free? What are you looking forward to the most in Armored Kill?

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