Free Halo 4 DLC, 50 new missions

343 Industries has recently announced free Halo 4 DLC, which will add up to about 50 new missions for gamers to look forward to over a ten-week span. In addition to this, a limited edition “Halo 4”-themed Xbox 360 has been unveiled by the developers along with a copy of the game, wired headset and two controllers.

Informing fans at a Comic-Con presentation the developers of this sci-fi shoot-’em-up series will forward new missions to players with 10 new episodes of the cooperative Spartan Ops mode expected each week after the title’s release on the 6th of November. Detailing this news The Washington Post write about the ten episodes containing five chapters over a 10-week span. The DLC will be free of charge and will last as long as the game’s single-player campaign.

The limited edition “Halo 4”-themed 320-gigabyte console also mentioned is expected to fetch around $399.99, and Slash Gear show images of what to expect with cool artwork designs to both the console and the controllers. This official bundle will include a set of download codes for Halo 4-themed avatar items and in-game DLC, along with blue LEDs to match the overall color scheme of the set.

Those of you who feel the $400 price tag is expensive can get hold of individual controllers, which will be released on October 21 for $59.99, and this standalone controller is a bit dirrerent from that included in the bundle, although Microsoft says that both will feature blue LEDs surrounding the guide button. In other relevant news, last Wednesday we spoke about Surface Tablet support for Halo 4, with the expectation that this will hopefully be released in October along with the Windows 8 and the RT version.

Do you find the new limited edition “Halo 4”-themed Xbox 360 enticing? Alternatively, does the price tag seem a tad expensive?

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